Sunday, August 19, 2007

First Time At Fun Fair

Yesterday night, 3 of us were having dinner at Fortuna Palace, Kajang. While I was looking for a parking nearby the restaurant, Le-Ann start telling me 'Mommy, see Fun Fair' . Wah ... really woh there is a fun fair at the empty land next to the restaurant. As promised to her that I will bring her to the fun fair after dinner provided she behave herself over the dinner.

Little girl can't wait for the dinner over and keep reminding me to bring her to the fun fair. It is almost 10 pm and finally the dinner is over. After saying bye bye to my cousin sis and aunts at the restaurant, finally 3 of us ( 'jakun' fellows never been to a fun fair ) walk over to the fun fair. Le-Ann was so happy that she is going to a fun fair and little boy Ee-Thern is not so excited cos he is scared of the rides and the loud music.

Once we get into the fun fair, Le-Ann start pestering me that she want to go for the rides. Aiyar... no choice and change RM10 for the rides token. I was wondering whether the rides are safe or not cos looking at the dangerous rides, it makes me worried whether this 'cheapo' fun fair operator got a valid license to run it there or not.

My Ee-Thern 'kecik-kecik,cili padi' but not brave one scared to get into the Choo Choo Train with his Cheh Cheh and end up this brave little girl used up all the token for the rides. After a few counting, wah... this fun fair rides is much more expensive than the Theme Park in Genting Highlands. Imagine a ride needs 2 token and 1 token is RM2.00.

After we used up all the tokens, its time to go back and oh my, my Le-Ann refused to go back and started to cry that she want some more. Me, got to drag her out from the fun fair to the car and while inside the car she is still crying non stop. You know what she tell me inside the car? She wanted to call her Daddy and I called Dearie Suki and she started again to tell her Daddy she want to go the fun fair. Finally, she stop crying because her pampering Daddy told her he will bring her to the fun fair again tomorrow. Aiyoh... I want to faint at that time!


Cat Cat said...

My girls will go crazy at the fun fair. Glad to know yours are having fun.

Sue Sue said...

My girl out of control la at the fun fair. Need to plan one day and bring her to Genting Highlands again and she can have the rides as many times as she can!