Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crispy Cereal Prawns

Since I've not eat enough of the seafood in Phuket and yesterday night I cooked bout a kilo of medium sized prawns with a packet of Singlong Crispy Cereal Instant Mix. Saw this seasoning mix when I was doing my monthly grocery shopping in Giant and I told Dearie Suki lets grab a packet to try it out at home.

It is convenient and easy to use especially for us working mother like me. What you need to do is to deep fried the prawns till it turn orangey colour and set aside. Then add 5 tbsp margerin into the pan and fried the curry leaves and chilli padi till fragrant. Add in the whole packet of crispy cereal mix, the prawns and mixed well. Dish up and it is ready to serve with rice.

Hmmmm.... what should I say and though it is convenient but I am not so satisfied with the end taste result as I find it is a bit salty, oops not a bit but actually is very salty. I find that it contains lot of MSG and after eating the prawns, both of us drank a whole big bottle of water during middle of the night.

Conclusion is I would not buy again and if I would to cook this dish I will buy the normal cereal and make my own Crispy Cereal Prawns!


Kok said...

All this "quickie" sure contains lots of MSG one. Maybe you can try to google for that recipe. I think it should be sitting somewhere in the World Wide Web. :)

Sue Sue said...

Yes lor, agree with you but some like Nestle or McCormick they are very good one no MSG. Must try to look for the recipe from the web liao. But I agak2 know what to put in. Must make my 2nd attempt d.

Judy said...

Suesue, you know, I have heard of cereal prawns but I don't know if I have tried them before.

So, what was in the packet? Just cornflakes? I think I will try doing some if it is just cornflakes. :)

Thanks for this.

Dancing Queen said...

You said it was not that nice but it sure looks very nice wor. Anyway, you can always tell when something has too much MSG. That night you'll be feeling very thirsty!

Hey, I'm sure you can make ur own lah. :D

Sue Sue said...

Inside is the Nestum Cereal. I think quite easy to make lor just follow the buttered prawns recipe. I will try my next attempt and let you know.

Sue Sue said...

dancing queen,
Yes lor before my hubby try he also tell me looks nice and yummy but after the first bite... his comments start to come out. Too salty lar, too much msg lar.....wah whole night like want to dig our head into the well.

Isha said...

so tempting *drooling*

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, is so easy now with all the ready made paste. You are right. McCormick is still the best. At least they don't used MSG. I tried the recipe at Kuali and it turn out really good. Give a try.

Blur Mommy said...

For me, I cook like what you did. Then instead of the packet mix, I add in some oatmeal and it turns out really good. Just like butter prawn but a little healthier with the oatmeal. :)

Sue Sue said...

Your food also makes me 'drooling' too.

Yup agree with you McCormick is still the best. Will log into Kuali to search for the recipe.

Emmm... substitute with oatmeal.What a good idea and yet healthy. I did used before oatmeal to coat with chicken instead of the seasoning powder and then deep fried it. It is so crunchy.

Anonymous said...

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