Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hubby's Dinner Bento Set

Tonight Dearie Suki will be home alone at home. Me and the kids are attending his cousin sister's 2nd baby fullmoon dinner at Fortuna Palace in Semenyih. Dearie Suki is not going with us cos he is having another appoinment in KL. Hopefully he can join me after his appointment.

I have prepared one Sushi Bento Set for him tonight so that he can have his dinner before he goes for his appointment at 8 pm. My very first set of Bento Box purchased online. Finally I got the chance to use it.

Make some rolled sushi for him using crabsticks, egg, cucumber and some mayonaise. On the other one, I packed some endamme beans and steamed sweet corn plus some Kikkoman Sushi Sashimi Soy Sauce for dipping in a cute mini container.

The 2 tier Bento Box is neatly packed and secured with the matching Bento straps and ready to be kept into the fridge for him till dinner time.

Also fried some wantan for him and for the filling I used minced pork. I hope he enjoy his dinner tonight before he go for his appoinment in KL.


Cat Cat said...

Wah Sue, you sayang sangat to your hubby ya.. Makan minum semua dijaga... You're indeed a very good wife and mother too.

Kok said...

such a nice wife, you are. Everything prepared... ;)

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, since hubby bought you so many nice things you pandai jugak ambil hati dia. No wonder he so sayang you.

Sue Sue said...

No la kesian him nothing to eat at night.

I think is my interest in cooking lor. If not I where got so 'hou hei' to prepare everything.

Hahaha... sometimes must like this one if not he cari orang lain. Mati la me.