Monday, August 6, 2007

Prawn Wantan Mee

Last Saturday make some prawn wantan to go with the 'kon lou' wantan mee for dinner. I simple love wantan either its filling is wrapped with prawn or minced pork. My Dad's wantan is 1st Class. Ask dad how to make prawn wantan as like those we eat from the stall, the prawn filling is so crunchy. The tips I get from dad is to season some salt to the prawn and then rinse it under running tap water.

So I tried last Saturday and true enough the prawn wantan is exactly the same as those we eat outside.

For the prawn filling, cut the prawn into smaller pieces. I've added some coarsely chopped waterchesnuts into it. Then season with some salt, pepper and cornflour and it is ready to be wrapped with wantan skin.

As for the wantan mee, put wantan mee into a hot boiling water. Let it boil for about 1 minute, then take out and rinse under cold water. To make the 'kon lou', add 1 tsp soya sauce, 1 tsp oyster sauce, a drop of dark soya sauce, a dash of pepper and sesame oil, some fried shallots and 1 tsp of fried shallots oil. Mix the wantan mee thoroughly with the seasoning.

Prawn Wantan nicely wrapped and waiting to be put into boiling ikan bilis stocks.

A nice bowl of Hot Prawn Wantan Soup to go with the Wantan Mee.

My version of 'Kon Lou' Wantan Mee with some shredded chicken meat, prawn wantan, some blanced green mustard and also 'Heah Beh' chilli. It would be nice to eat this with pickled green chillies but since I don't have it, 'Heah Beh' chilli also will do.

My two kids love the wantan noodles so much. Even Dearie Suki gives me a thumbs up for the prawn wantan. Tell you guys and gals, this is actually my first time making prawn wantan after getting the tips from dad..... Hihihihi

My friend CO, called me up and ask me 'How come she never come across my blog on any Pasta recipe since I have been selling the products for 5 donkey years.' Why? Because my Dearie Suki is a China Ah Pek don't take pasta, so no choice got to cook Asian noodles.

Okie dokie, my next attempt is to cook Pasta for the kids. So CO, keep a look out in my blog and will blog some pasta recipes just for you.


Judy said...

Prawn wanton = har gow? I like, I like.

My kids love wanton mee as well. I normally buy them fresh (20 balls for £3.90) and it will all be gone in two meals.

Cat Cat said...

Wah Sue, your Prawn wantan looks so good man.. One bowl of prawn wantan for me please.

Wei, your anak2 pandai guna chopsticks ya... So cute.

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

hey.. thx for the wanton tips! I'm gonna try doing it one day..=) Miss wanton mee alot ever since came over to oz..

Sue Sue said...

Eh it is not 'har kow' wor called 'har wan tan' la. Har kow shape is like the moon shape. Wah, 20 balls for 2 meals? So kuat makan ah!

Sure will save that bowl of wantan for you. But sorry ah see only cannot eat. Next time u come back belanja u.
My 2 anak, main2 with it only.

Try it and let me know the outcome. Can't u get any at the China town in Oz ?

Anonymous said...

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