Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Surprise !

Got to know from blogger friend Bento Pet that there is a 100 Yen shop in KL. I have been asking Dearie Suki has he come across one whenever he has his appoinment either in KL or PJ area. As far as I know there is one in Puchong and SS2 but I never have the time to drop by and see what they have inside.

Yesterday night Dearie Suki came home with a surprise for me. Guess what ? He brought a big 100 Yen plastic bag and get my little girl to bring it to me. Wow... so many cute stuffs he get for me but aikkkk.... crazy fellow get all the stuffs in pairs. I ask him why he get everything in a pair and you know what he tell me... ' So that each of his girl and boy get the equal share of stuff '. I think he 'sot sot' one. Going to ask sis see whether she want or not.

Dearie Suki took this picture for her while I was busy at the kitchen and I was not aware what are the 3 monsters doing in the store room.

2 sets of Puti Fresh Apple & Grape 2 tier Bento Boxes, 3 sets of Bento straps, 1 set of Hello Kitty small container ( according to him for the kids to store thier SMARTIES or M&M's ) , Shinkansen Cute Water Container and Bag & Sushi Plate.

Little Ee-Thern with all the cute stuffs and he too get excited when Daddy snap the picture.

Cute Puti Fresh Grape and Apple Bento Boxes. Comes in 2 tier container.

So cute. Dearie Suki fixed this on the tap. Once the water dripping from tap, the penguin's hand will be moving.

This is interesting. He get a packet of Furikakae Chicken Seasoning for the kids and a box of Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cat's Tongue Cookies. Also a packet of Japanese Prawn Crackers but 3 of them finished up before dinner time.

Then again he start teasing me, all in all is only RM68.60 as compared to my USD58.00. Looks like in future I must think twice before I make any order. :P


Dancing Queen said...

Ooiyoh....your hubby really know how to buy your heart ah! Jeles lah...! :P

Sue Sue said...

Aiyar... dancing queen what to jealous. Actually I am supposed to be the one who jealous cos most of the stuffs my hubby boughtfor the kids la. hihihi :P

Bento Pet said...

Ur hubby really good to do shopping for you lah! Some more buy all the right stuff.

So finally U get the stuff! Welcome to Bento club! HeHe!

Btw which outlet he buy the stuff?

Sue Sue said...

Ooooo... he get it from Cheras, Tmn Connaught.

I Cook4Fun said...

Wow, Sue, your dearie Suki really sayang you lah.. You mentioned only he went and bought it for you. There is also one of their store in Sg Long cheras. I am going to ask my sister to get some for me. I wonder if my mat salleh huband will use this Bento Box to take his lunch to work.

Bento Pet said...

sue, do u want to do a swap? I hv cute dividers and more wiener molds which I don't think u hv. The octopus and the one that cuts for easy cooking.

Check my blog to see. I don't have the ones you have and I'd be happy to swap with you for something else otherwise.

Bento Pet said...
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Sue Sue said...

No la where got. Only coincidence he is few shops away for appointment and he saw 100 Yen shop. He where got so good purposely go and get for me.

Izzit Sg Long got one. Going to drop by there cos quite near my place.

Bento Pet,
So sorry oh, my sis wanted the extra set. Maybe next time if I happen to drop by will get extra one and let's exchange again.

Bento Pet said...


Blur Mommy said...

wah.. ur hubby so nice!! Buy so many nice stuff!!