Thursday, August 23, 2007

Buy,Buy, Buy Again

Today Giant launching their 100th store opening in Bandar Kinrara. It seems our Prime Minister be there for their 100th store grand opening. Yesterday, we supplier were given additional 10% discount for their pre-opening invitation which includes Guardian. Something caught my eyes when I was looking through the coupon, " 10% will be given on top of the promotional item ". Hmmm... should I go. Finally I make up my mind lets go and have a look provided there is no jam.

Before I left the office yesterday, I draft our my shopping list as I want to go there with objectives. Only grab the item which is real cheap. So here goes my list.... Cutie Compact Toilet Rolls, Laundry Detergent, Floor Detergent, Softener, Dettol, Shokubutsu Shower Gel, Ribena, Mamy Poko and Drypers Baby Diapers. Thats it not going to get other than this.

Reach there about 6 pm and still not much people and most of the shop in the still under renovation and some must be rushing for their opening today and still in a mess. Finally get into the selling floor and look for the items I want. Wah.... all so cheap and grab to the max per transaction as some limited to a qty per transaction. Walk, walk, walk reach the fruits and vegetables section and was wondering why so many people picking what. Oooo fruits and look at the price wah.... so cheap. There comes my bad habit again ... impulse buying. Since the grapes and oranges are so cheap., end up I buy a big packet of it. Come to vegetables section, green vegetables only RM0.29 per big bundle, brocolli only RM1.59 per floret, celery only RM1.39 per big packet, big onion only RM0.49 per kg and choose a whole big packet only less than RM1.00 and see whatever is cheap also must buy.

End up total damaged RM269.53 after 10% discount. Dig, dig and dig my purse, aiyor not enough money oh. Don't care, charged it to my credit card supplemented by Dearie Suki and let him pay for it. hihihihi....

Look at my car boot, full with the grocery items. Aiyar diela... going to become AUNTIE already!


Cat Cat said...

All the produce are so cheap in Malaysia.
Oh, you use Shokobuko Shower Gel too. I like it too and bought a few bottle and brought it back to USA. I still have a bottle left in my bathroom.

Dancing Queen said... cheap! Worth buying lah then. :D

Lia said...

we are the same, always over budgeting when its sale :D

snoopy said... lei. If my daddy go there he will bring back with two troley...

Anggie's journel said...

hahaha... sometime we buy out of our list .. it's always happen to me, end up i buy others thing else. NVM, there's so call Credit Card always stand by for us ... oppps..

Isha said...

wow so cheap! all women will do the same like u lah sue hehehe...

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, the thing is Giant is really cheap lah..Shokobuko..I too used that years ago. Always have problem pronouncing the name :) Is it normal for everyone? Go to supermarket with a list and came home with a whole lot more of different stuff or maybe is just me :)

Judy said...

Why buy so much means become Auntie liow. Please explain to this grandmother lei.

Good buy. I also always believe in bargains. Over here, all supermarkets have buy one get one free for different items at different weeks. That is when we stock up.

Sue Sue said...

Yes lor Shokubutsu is so cheap and today saw in the paper much more cheaper for their grand opening only RM9.99. Some more twinpack and free one cute Japanese Doll Soap Dispenser. Really worth to buy.

dancing queen,
Off course worth buying but need to spend a lot of money leh.

Me forever over budgeting.

Faster get your dad go there and grab.

I try not to use so much of credit card. If got cash pay cash better.

Extremely cheap la yesterday.

It is pronounced Sho-ku-but-su. I also same go with a list come back with a lot more stuff out from the list. LOL

My Dearie Suki say I behave like those aunty liao, always look for bargain like those '8 poh' always say where got cheap, sayur cheaper by how many cents la, etc.... LOL

Retno Prihadana said...

Wow..I´ll do same like for something with great discount. Hunting for summer sale here and then waiting for winter sale :)

Blur Mommy said...

wah..major shopping spree!! If u auntie, I also auntieleh..... I also stock up when sale time :P