Sunday, August 5, 2007

The 3 Musketers Birthday

Woke up at 6.15 am today and went to the wet market to get the fishballs and seafoods for today Steamboat Party at Ah Mah's house. Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern woke up early today and after playing for about 2 hours outside the garden, I get both of them to take bath as we are going back early to Kajang today.

Both of them got excited and they will know that I am bringing them to ' Tai Ma' house today. After taking bath, they get ready to go while waiting for my maid to load all the food into my car.

My little girl showing off her new mini 'LeSportSac' bag bought by Daddy.

Dad and Mom was early too. This is what I get at the wet market today. 2/3 of it are from me and another 1/3 from Mom. Emmm.. Mom bought a lot of my and my sis favourites steamboat items.... pork liver and pork kidney and 'si hum' @ cockles.

Dad's 'Wantan' is 1st Class. He make one whole big bowl of minced pork to make wantan filling.My little KPC helping 'Popo' to wrap the wantan and look at her wantan is so UGLY and 'Popo' half way wrapping, half way nagging her cos she keep playing with the wantan skin.

Look at these 2 big babies ( my cousin ) and my ah girl, attack the cupcakes before the party start.

My uncle make this Vietnamese Style 'Si Hum' Salad. So,so, so nice. If Dearie Suki see this he is going to nag me again eating so much of this cos he hate 'Si Hum'. I hate it everytime I share 'Char Kuey Teow' with him he will get the 'Char Kuey Teow' Uncle not to put 'Si Hum'. Aiyar... nice food also don't know how to enjoy. I remember when I was young, me and sis will buy 'Si Hum' and blanched it a while with hot boiling water and then 'kopek' the 'si hum' and dip it with chilli sauce. Aiyor nice.

The steamboat party started at 2 pm and while taking pictures guess whose fingers is that ! Kacau me.

These 3 boys .... Do, Re, Mi.... 3 yrs old An-Son ( in orange shirt ), 2 yrs old my Ah Boy and 1 year old Ea-Son ( in red shirt ) playing in Ei-Faye's room and make a total mess in her room.

Blow cake session. A surprise for the 3 Musketers on the cake I bake for them. Although a bit ugly but they are happy with it. Ugly but adorable mah.

My KPC Ee-Thern stand in the middle as though is his birthday. My Le-Ann miss the cutting cake session cos she is asleep. Anyway the 3 kids are happy with their birthday cakes and they told me the cakes is yummy too.

Clockwise from top let: The half gone cakes, 2 birthday girls with Dad enjoying their slice of cake, even Ea-Son also got his share of cake, Ea-Son with mommy.

What is this ? Dearie Suki came late to Ah Mah's house with a whole big box of roasted pig head and tail. He sponsored a whole roast pig for a temple today. I think they have a prayers at the temple. This is what he brought back. The 'Sifu' also gave him 2 angkus, 2 huat kueh, 1 apple, 1 orange and 2 red eggs. Luckily he is smart to bring it to Ah Mah's house if not how am I going to finish it. Thank god, Mom help me to allocate out the roast pork to my Aunts. Looks like we are going to have more 'Assam Chai' already.

Reach home and get my maid to clean the roast pork and you know what she did ? Already tell her to chop into 3 big pieces and she go and cut into small tiny pieces. Aiyar ... makes my flame burning. Thank god she is going back next month if not I will get HEART ATTACK !


Cat Cat said...

Wah, those are the family gathering that I missed so much. What a happy family you have, Sue. Reading your post make me feel homesick and wanted to move back to Malaysia. :(

Sue Sue said...

I come from a very big family and all my aunts and uncle are friendly and very close one. So when come to this type of gathering I LOVE to be involved. Can KEPOH mah.

Izzit so good to come back to Malaysia? I always wish I can be like you all staying overseas. Here cost of living is so high and work load is like a piece of shit only.

Cat Cat said...


I have a BIG family too.. Lots of uncles, aunties, cousins. My dad has 11 siblings and my mom has 16! :O

Most of my uncles and aunties have 4-5 children (my cousins), and they all most married now, so you can imagine all the small/young kids during CNY. We had to order over 10 tables for reunion dinner most of the time.

Pokai on angpows too.

But to me, the more the merrier.

Cost of living in my town is not too high but the only thing that kills me most of the time is missing my family back home.

Sorry for the long comment.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, so 'lau luak'. One big happy family. Like Cat, I really missed those kind of gatherings where all relatives gather together for makan makan. Like Cat, I want to go home :( maybe this year for CNY. Who know we can meet up :)

Judy said...

I am so, soooooo jealous. I want that steamboat, those cakes....and that roast pork for assam choi. We actually call it chap chye.

Wah, this is truly the sort of family gathering I miss....jealous lah, super, super jealous lah!! :)

East Meets West Kitchen said...

What a great gathering, and your cakes are so fun! Love your steamboat too! :)

Sue Sue said...

Me too when come to CNY I also pokai too many kids.

Yes lor very 'lau luak' when come to CNY or my Ah Mah B'day. All her kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren will come back. If makan at restaurant got to order at least 15 tables leh.

Don't like this lah jealous.

east meets west kitchen,
Gathering at my grandma place is always fun. The more the merrier