Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dried Prawns Chilli

Dearie Suki 'God Mother'.... err... I also don't know since when he got a ' Got Mother ' give us a bottle of Dried Prawns Chilli or ' Heah Beh Chilli' last 2 weeks. Everyday dinner without miss, he must have 1 tsp of the 'Heah Beh Chilli' to go with his rice. Within 1 week, the 'Heah Beh Chilli' is gone. Since he like it so much I get him to call his 'God Mother' to give me the recipe and she is so kind to give me the full recipe but actually no need also can. Just use some common sense but I just want to make sure whether she added any other ingredients that make it so nice until my Dearie Suki got hooked into it.

I have 2 big packet of dried prawns about 1 kg whereby I get my colleague Polly to buy from Setiawan whenever she go back to her hometown. The dried stuffs like ikan bilis, dried cuttlefish and fried prawns from Setiawan is so fresh and nice.

I give it a try last weekend.

Method :
1. Pound a big bowl of dried prawns till about 70% fine.
2. Then heat oil in pan. Sautee some chopped shallots till fragrant.
3. Add in chilli paste and the pounded dried prawns.
4. Keep on stirring and make sure it is not burnt.
5. Season with some salt and sugar. Keep on stirring again till the dried prawns chilli is dry up.
6. Dish up and let it cool throughly before you store into a glass jar.

For a change, uses some of it to cook with Petai but Dearie Suki still prefer his Petai with ikan bilis.

I will be in Kuantan till Wednesday and hopefully I have the time to get some 'Mui Heong' Salted Fish back from my trip!


Piggy said...

oohh! I love petai with sambal!!

Judy said...

My brother would love that petai dish. He claims his wife makes the best petai sambal dish. :)
I hear that when you have petai, the smell in the toilet is beyond endurance! Hahaha.

Hei bee is so expensive here and the quality is not that good.

Cat Cat said...

Bertuah your hubby dapat makan petai every week. I'm going to get some frozen petai this weekend and cook some for myself. Yes, frozen petai. No choice lah. Beggar can't be chooser!

Sue Sue said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

The hei bee here also the same the nice one is about RM45 a kg. So expensive!

Now is petai season la so mana2 also can see petai. Huh frozen petai? First time hear that petai can be frozen. Next time if I get too much petai going to kopek and freeze it.