Saturday, August 4, 2007

Busy Saturday

I am pretty busy today. Woke up at 6.30 am today because my little princess wanted milk. Before I can go back and sleep my little prince woke up at 7.30am and ask for milk again. Arrgh.....

Start logging into net after I make the milk for Ee-Thern and make myself a cup of 'Aik Cheong Kopi O Kau' to wake myself up cos I have 3 birthday cakes to make today. Tomorrow we will be having a birthday party at Ah Mah's house to celebrate my nephew, niece and cousin birthday. All three were born in the month of August... oops left out one dear cousin now studying in Australia. So total 4 of them.

Started to bake at 8 am and makes 3 cakes at one go. Then took out the Mackeral Fish from the freezer to make fish paste. Then wrapped some Prawn Wantan for dinner as I am planning to cook Prawn Wantan Mee for tonight dinner. Cook lunch for the kids and steamed one Pomfret with Kikkoman Soya Sauce cos it is Le-Ann favourite fish. They have it with a big bowl of rice. By the time everthing is done it is already 12.30pm and the kids are ready to take their afternoon nap.

My 3 cakes left in, the kitchen is waiting to be frosted with icing and I just hoping the two kids faster sleep so that I can continue with the birthday cakes. The 3 kids at home thought I am a good baker. Walau eh... Ei-Faye my cousin sis, requested me to bake a Powerpuff girl cake for her. Then Gladys, my niece ask me to make a Winx Club cake and Nicholas, my nephew ask me for Naruto cake. Aiyoh.. I was scratching my head, all also so hard to do. Search through the net and get some ideas and finally make 2 Powerpuffs girl cakes and 1 Naruto logo cake. That's the best I can do kids. Really troublesome, next time I will go and ask them to get their Mummy to buy. Spend whole morning and afternoon in the kitchen just to make the birthday cakes.

Tomorrow morning got to wake up early to go to the wet market to help sis to buy some fishballs and seafoods for the steamboat party at Ah Mah's house. Dearie Suki started nagging me again and said " Eh Dear ah, why you so KEPOH ah, as though is your kids birthday". Come to think about it, ya hor, why I so KPC huh ? Hehehehe... going to get sis to buy me lunch for doing all these for her.

Chocolate Cake with Naruto Logo only for Nicholas. Won't be able to make the Naruto person cos needed very high skills. You though this 'YeeYee' so 'terror' meh.

Butter Cake with Powerpuff Girls -Bubble for Ei-Faye. Put in a lot of effort and time for this.

Lemon Butter Cake with Powerpuff Girls - Blossom for Gladys. Next time must get her Mummy buy Baskin Robbins Cake.

Hey, Leen I didn't miss you out leh. Sorry oh, can see but cannot eat. Anyway when you are back to Malaysia again will make some for you. Happy Birthday to you !


Cat Cat said...

Your PowerPuff Girl birthday cake looks so cute... You are really talented lah. It would be a little challenging for me to make a birthday cake. No patience at all.

Judy said...

Wah pengsan liow. You made 3 cakes and cup cakes some more for your niece in Australia??

I want to be your 'old' niece can ah? My birthday also in August wor. Wahaha.....

I don't know how you do it. As I am reading your schedule I also feel tired for you.

Hats off to you. Did you make supper for your dearie Suki that night? :P

Lastly, I don't think you are keipoh lah, YOU HAVE A BIG HEART!

Judy said...

Lastly, lastly, all your cakes are beautifully decorated. Beh tahan liow! :)

Sue Sue said...

My sis and cousins comment cute but ugly. Nvm la, as long as the isi inside is nice can already.

Aiyar those cakes easy only.Only 3 mins 'kau tim'. Now got Betty Crocker cake mix mah.But the tedious part is the frosting only. Happy Birthday to you ah. One cupcake in the picture for you. LOL

My dearie Suki got request for supper that night but I am busy frosting the cake I ask him to kau tim himself. I think he heat up the leftover rice + sambal petai in the microwave la.

Coming to the cake, my sis some more can ' char me '. Say when I was young my drawing is lousy now grow up still the same the cake deco also like ' kin nah sai'. Aiyor I tell her, she think so easy meh want to be like those sell in cake house difficult la unless I take up cake deco course.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, you are good at decorating the cakes. Some more made the cakes and cup cakes. 'Keng' lah you. I am so out of practice in decorating cakes. The last one I did was in 2005 ;)

snoopy said...

Want to say you are so " Geng !" Never see anyone can do so many thing and so beautiful cakes...I love it!