Monday, August 20, 2007

Bento #2 : Lor Mai Kai & Sushi

After my Bento#1 and now come my Bento#2. Later in the afternoon, I am going to have Lor Mai Kai & Sushi for lunch. Today I am going to start to watch my new T-Drama.... Tokyo Juliet. Hahaha... got so addicted to it.

At the back of the bento box I filled up with sushi and the front is the Lor Mai Kai I make on Sunday morning.

This Hello Kitty bento strap.... cute hor! I bought it from Robinsons in Phuket. Guess how much is it? I am not going to say scared afterwards 'kena taruk' from my Dearie Suki if he read my blog again.


Cat Cat said...

Hello Kitty Bento Strap = $20.00 ringgit???

Judy said...

MR$35. I won't buy lah whether cheap or not cos my kids are all grown up.

Over here, people take their lunch wrapped in cling film or aluminium foil or like tupperware container.

Not so posh like all these bentos I see here and on some other blogs in Malaysia and Singapore. I said it must be the in-thing there is it?

Eh, I like the loh mai kai. Reminded me that perhaps I should make some too. :)

Sue Sue said...

Actually is between RM10-RM15. So you make a wild guest la.

Aiyor RM35 I also won't buy la. Better use a rubber band and tie it over. LOL

I also not sure whether is an in thing here or not cos hadrly can find bentos in the supermarket except for Jusco and Isetan. I also loves the brand Tupperware container and have loads of it at home cos they are have a lifetime warranty but now for a change use Bentos.

Bento Pet said...

Welcome to the world of bento!!

Anggie's journel said...

Get to know ur blog from bento blogspot ... u guys are really good on cooking la + those nice bento set.. i have a fast on viewing ur blog.. now i already feel hungry *_*
btw, i m 1st time dropping by here.

Blur Mommy said...

wah.. I like the strap! very nice!

Isha said...

so tempting leh, can i have some hehehe...

bokjae said...

Hi sue sue, thanks for your comments and concerns! :) I am fine now! Hey I am trying out some of your recipes! my wife don't like mine! :(

Sue Sue said...

Bento Pet, Anggie & Blur Mommy,
Thank you ah. LOL

Off course you can have some!

Happy trying! Hope your wife will like it.

Lia said...

suddenly hungry attacked seeing box full of yummy food :D

Retno Prihadana said...

Beautiful Bento box :).

Sue Sue said...

Lia & Retno,
Thank you. LOL