Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wow, Kena Tagged Again

The most busiest week for me and I kena tag from 2 fellow blogger friends. This one is from Dancing Queen. Busy also nevermind la, still can answer the questions. Here are the 35 questions tag that I've answered. Teng, teng, teng.....

1.Where is your cell phone? In the room
2.Relationship? Dating 11 years, marriage 5 years
3.Your hair? Black
4.Work? Full Time Working Mother
5.Your sister/s? One, Tua Chi
6.Your favorite thing? My SONY Cyber-Shot Camera
7.Your dream last night? None, sleep like a pig
8.Your favorite drink? Cold Green Tea
9.Your dream car? Toyota Wish
10.The room you’re in? Study room
11.Your shoes? Sad case, stupid maid throw one of my fav shoes bought from Chiangmai. Ask her to throw the box she throw the shoe along. Real BODOH !
12.Your fears? Going for medical check-up
13.What do you want to be in 10 years? SHAM
14.Who did you hang out with this weekend? My family
15.What are you not good at? Drawing
16.Muffin? Banana Muffin
17.One of your wish list items? Wish I STRIKE lottery
18.Where you grew up? Sg Chua,Kajang
19.Last thing you did? Wash the kids drinking bottles
20.What are you wearing? Pyjamas la, off course
21.What aren’t you wearing? Bra , hahaha
22.Your pet? My guppy fishes, loves them all
23.Your computer? FUJITSU S6220
24.Your life? Full with laughter. Always HAPPY GO LUCKY !
25.Your mood? Sleepy
26.Missing? My bed right now
27.What are you thinking about right now? To have a glass of cold drinks
28.Your car? Hooray, I've just finish my installment for my WAJA, few more months to go for the MITSUBISHI STORM EVO
29.Your kitchen? Full with junk foods
30.Your summer? Never like summer. 365 days hot over here
31.Your favourite colour? Black
32.Last time you laughed? 5 hours ago with family members at Shogun
33.Last time you cried? Cannot think of one
34.School? Convent Kajang, UPM
35.Love? My Le-Ann & Ee-Thern

Hihihi... who to tag.... gotcha ! No la not going to tag anyone.


Judy said...

Wah, you dated your husband for 11 years? Been married for 5 years now?

Sorry to sound so shock ah but I am not really shocked lah just that I never really dated my husband but we knew each other less than 3 months and decided to get married so we did 3 months later. :)

Sue Sue said...

Wow, u so keng ah 3 mths already kahwin. Me total 16 years very long hor. U see la me kecik2 already gatal got boy friend d.