Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mommy, I Want Swimming

" Mommy, I want swimming " . This is what my little girl told me this morning when she wake up. Since the weather is sunny and hot this morning, all three of us went to the store room and pull out the kids swimming pool and filled up with water.

Both of them can't wait to get into the water. Both are really braved and not scared of water. I think I must enroll them up for a swimming lesson. See how 'HAPPY' are they from the pictures.

After their swim, I cooked some 'Mee Hoon Soup' for them cos Le-Ann was complaining she is hungry. My little boy too tired and Zzzzz on the sofa.

Another Saturday gone. How I wish everyday is a holiday here.


Anonymous said...

Really envy you, always gather with your own family and parents, sister. Feel that you led a very busy but happy life. Are you the one in yellow (taken with your ci mui in the your pot luck gathering)? How do you not feel tired? If you do, how do you "overcome" it and still got so much energy?

Cat Cat said...

Children always enjoy playing with water. It's a good idea to give them a swim lesson.

Kok said...

I know how to swim! Can become your daughters coach! haha! Actually it's fun to learn swimming. Enrol them I would say. :)

Sue Sue said...

Why envy me leh. Me to say busy also not so busy say free also not so free. For me I think TIME MANAGEMENT is very important.Itry to balance between my working career and family.To be frank I don't feel tired of it. I just enjoy what I am doing now. But I do feel one thing now, tired of my job cos I have new 'si tau poh' try to apply new rules.

Ya lor. I told my hubby I want to enroll them for swimming lesson and dia tu fikiran kolot, say too young la afterwards sakit la mandi air sejuk.

Yes ah are u good? Want to take 'tou tai' or not. You become their 'sifu' la.

Kok said...

Me? Ermm...Oklah. Cause I learnt before. All strokes I know except butterfly. :P

Tou tai ah? If you're in Miri, then I can teach them lah. hehe.

Sue Sue said...

Miri so far ah. Buy air ticket there also rugi liao unless wait for the AirAsia FOC ticket ler.

U are going back Miri? Eh there got job meh? As far as I know Miri got a lot of parallel importers makes me headache all the time.

Kok said...

better find a coach at KL lah. I think it should be quite cheap. For your information, I learnt swimming at the age of 10 or 11 I think. Free style took me 8 sessions with 1 hour each to learn. Breaststroke took me 4 sessions but I can already master it on the second session. Backstroke took another 4 sessions only. Easy eh?

I'm not quite sure if I'll be going back or not. Miri got job lah just that, don't know if it's a good job with good pay or not. :P Which importer? What name? Let me know. haha!