Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cempedak Fritters

We have too much cempedak last week and I don't quite like cempedak cos it is too sweet for me. I can't stand the cempedak smell and makes the whole fridge have this pungent fruit smell although I close it tightly in the container. End up I make cempedak fritters and give away to my 3 neighbours on my left, right and front.

Bought a packet of the NONA banana fritter mix to make the batter. Wah, it is not so easy to fried this cempedak. Once I put it in the hot oil, the flesh got stick to the pan and got to be very careful when I turn the cempedak but anyway it turn quite nice, sweet and crunchy on the outside.

Well, my Dearie Suki love it so much cos he likes all this goreng-goreng stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, looks delicious. I love fried food a lot. looking forward to read your posting and enjoy a lot!

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, can I have some cempedak goreng? Been years since I makan this. Can't find cempedak here except for nangka :(

Judy said...

I also like goreng goreng stuff. Wah, looks so nice wor. I think I better not have this time cos I found three pimples on my face today. At my age?? duh??

Sue Sue said...

Hope you enjoy reading my blog. Stay tuned for more!

This fruit also quite hard to find here. It is a seasonal item but I think now is in season cos can see in all pasar malam. I love nangka cos the flesh is firmer and hard unlike cempedak 'lam pet pet' one. That's why I go and goreng it.

Really ah you like goreng stuff ah.
Huh, pimples. Not enough sleep izzit.

Cat Cat said...

I like chempedak but can't eat too much too.. The sweetness kinda melekat at my throat. Dah lama I x makan chempedak goreng. YUM.

snoopy said...

Me too, loves to eat cempedak...but cannot take liao. Coz the last I took only 5 - 6 pieces, i fall sick with ashma and gestric problem. Now can see and smell only.

Lia said...

i love fried snack, so can i get some? :P

Sue Sue said...

Yes lor I also can't eat much cos very very sweet. Once makan like stuck at the throat.

Better don't take so much since it is not good for health. Also not good for those with diabetics.

Off course you can have some.