Sunday, September 9, 2007

He Is OK

Brought Ee-Thern for his vaccination yesterday morning at Sunway Hospital. My Ee-Thern didn't even cry when Doctor Tan gave him the injection. Some more got the guts to tell me... " Mommy, OK d " . Asked the doctor why he is so small size and thank god he is healthy and still rooms to grow. What a relief.

These are some of the randomly pictures taken yesterday.

Both have a new sunnies. My 2 kids only play for 10 minutes after that don't know where they throw.

Both playing at the kids room at Sunway Hospital while waiting for Ee-Thern's name to be called. Saturday is full with people. Waited almost 1 hour.

After 1 hour still waiting and the kids wanted to eat something. Bring them down to the lobby and had our breakfast at Starbucks Cafe.

Ordered one plate of Chicken Sandwiches and a glass of Mango Ice Frappucino. OMG, this breakfast cost me RM18.50. Can't find anything special with the Chicken Sandwiches. I think I can do a better one. The Mango Ice Frappucino cost RM11.00 per glass, just another glass of Mango Juice blended with some milk and ice. What so special ah, yet still jam packed with people.


Retno Prihadana said...

Your children look so cute!. What an expensive manggo juice. Anyway you don´t have to peel and juice it by your own :))

Cat Cat said...

See, no worry about your son lah.
Eh, Starbucks always expensive lah... A cup of coffee is US$3.00 here. ;[

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, your 2 anak kecik kecik sudah pandai bergaya :) Bila besar boleh jadi model. So cute !!!

snoopy said...

Sue, its starbuck wor...have to be that price to make it different.

Cat Cat said...

BTW, you have been tagged.

Judy said...

Sounds like more a fun day for Ee Thern than a day of pain with injection! :)

Wow, $18.50 just for a small order. That is why I always teach my kids, whatever I can do at home, no need to buy unless very desperate. :P

Sue Sue said...

Very expensive and I saw them making it is actually mango juice from a box!

Yes ah US also that expensive ah. Thanks for the tag will do it once got time.

Hopefully besar can jadi model la.

No choice nothing to eat in Sunway Hospital only Starbucks.

Sue Sue said...

My ah boy I think having fun there la. Play non stop with the other kids.