Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Pyjamas For The Kids

My poor little Ee-Thern always have to wear his 'Cheh Cheh' pink colour pyjamas. Last week, my babysitter Ah Yoke Cheh, complaint to me ask me to buy some pyjamas for my little boy. She said boy shouldn't wear girl pyjamas. I was wondering what is the problem leh, still pyjamas what. Wear to sleep only mah.

Last Tuesday was at the night market and the sky is a bit dark and looks like going to rain. I seldom walk to the clothes section, usually will be hanging around at the vegetables and fish section. Walk halfway there is this uncle shouting 'LELONG - LELONG' and he is selling kids pyjamas. KPC to the stall and look see look see some cute pyjamas. Choose 4 pairs and start to bargain with the uncle. 1 pair selling for RM15 and bargain, bargain till RM10 per pair. Ok la quite cheap better than buy cloth and get mom to sew it.

Bought 2 pairs for Ee-Thern - Transformers and Ultraman Pyjamas and 2 pairs for Le-Ann - Cinderella and Little Princess Pyjamas. It is so cute when both of them wear it on. The old fashion type of pyjamas.

Me the KIASU mommy bought one size bigger for both of them. End up it is too long for Ee-Thern got to fould up his pants and sleeve.


snoopy said...

Ah Yoke Cheh is avoid your boy become girlish...Anyway, only RM10-00 for that is ok.

Judy said...

I think not kiasu lah but just being practical after all kids grow so quickly. Right? :) Nice pj's wor....

Sue Sue said...

Aiyor I got a lot of pyjamas at home la.

True also must buy one size bigger.