Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lat Sei Lei Ah Mah

This is funny whereby my sales rep every morning will make fun of me when I am having my Nasi Lemak direct translation to cantonese " Lat Sei Lei Ah Mah " . LOL. I remembered when I was pregnant with Le-Ann & Ee-Thern, every morning I must have a packet of nasi lemak plus 'si hum' (cockles) sambal. This is what I craved for every morning, without this I can't work, can't sleep and can't eat. Imagine how much weight I have gained during that period. From day 1 pregnancy till I delivered both of them, I have been eating nasi lemak everyday.

Cooked some Curry Chicken with potatoes on Monday night. My babysitter, Ah Yoke Cheh, went back to her home town Betong ( Malaysian-Thai border ) and brought back some ready mix curry paste. She is a Thai mix Chinese and speak fluent Thai language. Sometimes my little girl even understand what she is talking in Thai. She teach me how to cook the curry chicken in Thai style.

What you need to do is to fry 2 tablespoon of the ready mix curry mix in a pan with some oil. Then add in the chicken ( approximately 2 chicken thighs ), some kaffir lime leaves, 2 stalks of serai ( lemon grass ) and fry for another 5 minutes. Add in 1 cup thick coconut milk and 1 cup of water. I substitude the coconut milk with 1 can of evaporated milk and 1 can of water. Hehehe... trying to be health conscious. Add in some potatoes ( cut into wedges ) and let it simmer till almost dry up or until the chicken or potatoes is cook.

Wah! the ready mix curry paste is real pedas. Actually is very, very pedas but very good. Much more better than those sell in the supermarket. That night we have Nasi Lemak for dinner. Boiled some hard boiled eggs and mould it with the flower shape mould. So cute and Dearie Suki was asking me how I do it and I told him its magic. Hahaha..... also have some side dishes to go along with the nasi lemak - sambal petai, stir-fried potatoes leaves ( supposed to be kangkong but my 'Overly Smart' maid, work here for 2 years can't even differentiate between the two... real STUPID ). Then fried some crispy ikan bilis to go along with it.

Yummy... next round must have the 'si hum' sambal. I miss it so much.


Cat Cat said...

Eh Sue, how did you make that boiled egg into flower shape ah?? Teach me some magic lah... ;]

Anonymous said...

that curry chicken look nice.. ~drooling~ =)

snoopy said...

Sue, I also want to know how you make the flower shape boiled egg...please teach me!!!!

Sue Sue said...

Catcat & Snoopu,
hihihi... terror leh. Actually no magic la use an egg mould to do it.

Thank you