Monday, September 3, 2007

Roti 'Keap' With Kaya & Butter

While I was having my trade visit with my sales rep LJC to Rawang and Bukit Beruntung last Thursday, we stopped over tea at a kopitiam in Rawang. Suddenly I came across they are selling this Kaya (being packed in a recycled condensed milk's can) and the white bread and I think it is called the Hainanese Bread if I am not mistaken.

This makes me think back when I was a kid, my Ah Mah used to buy that kaya and the bread from the 'Ah Neh' who sells breads on a motorbike. Those were the day, we ( me,sis and my cousin) will spread the kaya and a lot of butter on the bread and we even dip the bread skin with 'Kopi O'. During that time where got Gardenia and High 5 bread! We only get to eat this and as time passed by, we hardly see this type of kaya and bread being sold.

I asked the 'taukeh soh' whether they sell the kaya and the bread and YES the sell that. I bought a can of kaya and a loaf of bread back home. So happy cos I missed this so much. LJC told me he called this 'Roti Keap' and my sales colleague ET, from Kuantan called this 'Roti Kahwin'. For me I called this 'Roti Bakar' but whatever izzit, it is still roti spread with kaya and butter.

For the past 2 days, we have been enjoying this and even the kids love it.


Kok said...

This is seriously good stuff!!! Cheap but nice!:)

Sue Sue said...

Where got cheap. The price almost equivalent to Gardenia leh. Some more this type of bread 'sek emm pau' one don't know must eat how many slices. But it is sure a good stuff!

Isha said...

i love kaya, i havent had it for ages, sob sob

Sue Sue said...

You can make your own ma. Quite easy one.