Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ee-Thern's Birthday Celebration

Today we celebrated Ee-Thern's 2nd Birthday at Ah Mah's house. Ee-Thern's birthday fall on next Tuesday 25th September and we celebrated earlier together with mom's birthday at Ah Mah's place. For a change this round we had Asam Laksa instead of Steamboat. Since, the maid is no longer here, dad help me out to cook Asam Laksa. Luckily today the kids behave very well and they play themselves at Ah Mah's house without disturbing me. Mom help me to look after them and me and dad busy in the kitchen cooking Asam Laksa.

As usual I planned to bake 2 cakes for the birthday PoPo and birthday boy. Bake the cake on Friday night and yesterday night burned the midnight oil to decorate the birthday cakes. For Ee-Thern, I bake one Lemon Butter Cake decorated with fishes, coral, lobster and seahorse. For Mom, I bake one Moist Choco Cake and cut it into small pieces and layered around the cake and scoop one tub of Nestle Neopolitana Ice-Cream into it.

Here is Ee-Thern's Ocean Deep Sea Cake. Get this ideas from the M&M's website and uses all M&M's candies with buttercream icing to decorate the cake. Total taken 2 hours to decorate the whole cake.

I still think I am not good in decorating cake but this one certainly makes my Ee-Thern happy with it and the rest of my family members impressed with my decorating. Everyone in the house is happy and like the decorating ideas of the cakes. Not too bad isn't it ?

But after that, look at the amount of bowls waiting in the sink to be washed! If the maid is here, eveything will be chuck here for her to wash the next morning. But now cannot d leh.

I quite like the idea of making mom the ice cream cake. As easy as 1,2,3 and we have an ice-cream cake for her. At first I was thinking to get a some whipping cream and some strawberries to decorate mom's cake but end up I used the left over buttercream icing to decorate the cake.

This early morning, I also make some Angku Kueh with red bean filling back to Ah Mah's house. Will post the recipe later on how to make Angku Kueh.

This is for mom using the traditional Angku mould. The bottom one is the Hello Kitty Angku for Ee-Thern. I thought this would be the hit among the kids because it is a cute Hello Kitty Prince but end up no kids touch the Angku Kueh except for Le-Ann eaten 2 pieces of it. Kid nowadays really good life don't even eat Angku Kueh.

Pick some fresh mint leaves from my herb garden to use for Asam Laksa. Today I am too busy in the kitchen with dad, hence forgot to snap more pictures of the Asam Laksa that we cook today. This is dad's recipe ( his agak-agak recipe ) but it turned out real good. Wah so pedas and asam and most of all very sedap. Will post the recipe later.

Here comes the birthday boy, waiting for us to sing him the Birthday song and he can't wait to cut his cake.

My Le-Ann is aiming for the icing on top of the cake.

The ice-cream cake is a hit and it finished within 15 minutes. Then the Lemon Butter Cake next. Both the cake is only 8 inch in diameter and is just nice for us. Nothing left, all zapped out and even the Asam Laksa finised.

My Ee-Thern boy after cutting his birthday cake, cabut lari and don't know where he play with his cousins. Mommy and Daddy didn't even have the chance to snap a family photo with him on his 2nd Birthday celebration.

Little girl Le-Ann after finish eating her cake and taking bath, started to ride the bicycle with Ei-Faye Ah Yi again, outside Ah Mah's house.

All in all, all of us are happy with today celebration and both my kids are looking forward to go back to Tai Mah's house every weekend.

To my Ee-Thern boy ... "Darling, you are one year older, Mommy & Daddy loves you so much. Be a good boy"


Cat Cat said...

You have a great skill of decorating the birthday cake. Very nice. Great job Sue.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, you really are 'terror' can do so many things at one go. Bake cakes, decorate cakess, cook Asama Laksa, make ang ku kee.. You did a great job decoration the cakes. By the way, Happy Birthday to handsome Ee-Thern.

Dancing Queen said...

You are such a fantastic mummy, wife & daughter leh! SO clever to do so many things! Your family is so blessed to have you.

Happy birthday to Ee-Thern! I heart the ocean-themed cake! If it was me, I also like! :D

Anggie's journel said...

halo..... u must teach me how to do the cake lei .... email me the recipe can ar ??? hahaha ... look nice .
and the laksa .... yummy yummy..

Happy birthday - Ee-Thern .. !!U must be happy that mommy made u an ocean cake with nice deco... got give mommy kiss kiss or not ????

Precious Pea said...

The cake is gorgeous! Wish i can create something like this. Clap clap clap!

Anggie's journel said...

but hor, i will not hv time to bake cake also la for my son coming birthday, i will just go and order 1 cake or mayb some cupcake.
Will need to "study and pratice" baking cake first b4 i can invite ppl to eat .... hahahah true ar sue ??

WokkingMum said...

Your cake is so pretty!!! You are very good!!

jane said...


what DON'T you know how to do ah?????? *worship worship*

jane said...

oh i cake decoration is so impressive! =) and everything else! i want one ang ku kueh plssssss

Judy said...

Sorry I am late (busy, busy).

Happy belated birthday to Ee-Thern!!

Wow, the cakes....genius!

The food.....fantastic.....

The angkukueh.....I want, I want!!

Sue Sue said...


No la where got terror, the cakes are planned one day ahead. The Asam Laksa got 'lou tau' to help out and the angku very easy one.

Dancing Queen,
TQ so much. I don't think so I am so fantastic leh, its just I like doing all this KPC job.

Tell u a secret, the cakes very easy one I actually used the Pillsbury Cake Mix only the buttercream icing sendiri do one. But the cakes turn out very well.

Precious Pea,
TQ again to visit my blog. Off course u can create something like this just need patience to do it only.

TQ again. :)

Really that impressive meh! Just main2 decorate only dont know it turn out so 'sau fuun yeng'

You are not late leh. My Ee-Thern b'day is today 25th Sept'07 on Mid-Autumn Festival day.

ReenReen said...

So impress with your Hello Kitty Ang Ku mould. Can I know where do you purchased it??

Retno Prihadana said...

Beautiful cake decorating. Happy birthday to Ee-Thern and your Mom, wish all the best for them. I bet they really enjoy ur lovely cake.

Sue Sue said...

I get that mould in Chang Tung, Tmn Megah PJ. Few shops away from Bake With Yen.
Last Sunday I saw more design like Doraemon, Garfield, Mickey Mouse in one of the shop in Kajang but I didn't buy leh. Now think back must make a trip to that shop again,buy it and keep.

Thanks a lot.Yup both really loves the cake especially my mom, she can't take sweet cake due to diabetics so the ice-cream cake is just nice for her.

Anonymous said...

It is simply matchless phrase ;)

somebody said...