Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mom's Char Siew Pau

I bet Mom sure will call me in her next attempt of making 'Char Siew Pau'. True enough she called me up on Saturday night that she want to make Char Siew Pau on Sunday at Ah Mah's house. Luckily at that time I was at Giant, Bandar Kinrara doing my monthly groceries shopping and I quickly go and grab a packet of Blue Key's Pau Flour for her.

Look at Mom's Char Siew Pau, why so 'penyek' (flat) one and it does not rise as high as mine and the char siew filling no taste one. Ehmm.... ugly too. : P . Then Mom started to blame me for 'MOU SAM KEI' to help her to mix the dough and I started to blame her for the Char Siew filling got a flat taste. Anyway just forget about it... the paus finish within half an hour although it doesn't look so good. Believe me or not, my mom sure will try again her next attempt next week. hihihi....

I found something interesting. Yesterday night after my shopping at Giant, me, Dearie Suki and the kids went for Dim Sum supper at Sri Petaling. Saw our next table eating the following pau. Can someone tell me what is this pau called? The outer layer is pau skin and it looks like a bee's nest and the inner filling is 'Lor Mai Kai'. Emmm... interesting and asked the Burmese guy who served us Dim Sum what izzit. I can't get what he tell me and he keep saying is called ' Kong Woh Pau' and I haven't heard of it or find in any recipe book. Ordered one and taste quite good and some more there is one salted egg york in the 'Lor Mai Kai' and that pau cost RM4.50. Ask Mom and worst still she tell me is 'Shanghai Pau'. Anyway I think it is 'Lor Mai Kai' in a different presentation.

So my next attempt is to try to make Kong Woh Pau !


East Meets West Kitchen said...

Wow! Haven't seen a pau like this before! Very interesting. Must be yummy?

Isha said...

wow so tempting lah

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow.. looks like one of those 'dai pau' or direct translation - gigantic bun.

Sue Sue said...

Yup something new to me too.

I also feel it is very tempting. Temp me to make my own too.

Yes lor 'dai pau' but with out the 'yoke' one. It is lor mai kai inside.

Lia said...

waaaaaaa siew pauuuuuu long time i was craving!!!! could u give me one?? hehehhehehe

Sue Sue said...

Off course you can have one.

Cat Cat said...

That Loh Mai Kai Pau looks so good. Does it taste like normal LMK? Maybe you are correct. It's just a different way to present the LMK instead of the old way.

Sue Sue said...

It taste exactly like lor mai kai la but with extra mushroom and one salted egg yolk.