Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mom's Birthday At Shogun, One Utama

Tonight we celebrated Mom's Birthday at Shogun, One Utama. After 2 days of meeting at Armada Hotel, PJ finally it has ended and atleast tonight a day to relax and celebrated mom's birthday together with sis and family at Shogun. Not going to talk much cos my mind is just too tired to think. Here are some of the photos taken during tonight dinner.

Little girl, getting ready and she even choose her own dress. This smocking design dress bought by sis from Vietnam. See how sweet she is in this dress rather than jeans. We went to mom's house at about 6 pm to pick them up and reached One Utama just in time for the buffet at 7 pm. Luckily sis make the booking one week in advance and got a nice place for dinner.

The Japanese Buffet for adult is RM52 ++ and for kids above 6 yrs old is 1/2 price. So Le-Ann and Ee-Thern is free of charge. Well, I think is worth to go and there are so much variety of Japanese foods. Mom and Dad really can wacked, looking at their face expression I think they enjoy it so much especially the sashimi, prawn tempura and the baked cheese escargot. Me and Dearie Suki, only 2 rounds 'kau tim' and I am too full and almost up to my throat. I am scared of having buffet now because for the past 2 days during the conference it is also buffet style during lunch and dinner.

It is time to wacked the food to the fullest. My favourite is sashimi, wow ate too much don't know whether tomorrow will 'Oh Li Tu' or not.

Both the kids also enjoying the food there. Both of them loves the fried udon noodles and chawan mushi and not forgetting their ice-cream and jellies and orange.

These 4 kids are Mom and Dad's precious. Their favourite grandchildren and pampered them the most.

Family photos time. From now on I tell myself, whenever we go for dinner or outing, must make sure we take photos for remembrance. Anyway all of us enjoy it so much and looking forward for more dinner together.

Tomorrow supposed to plan to celebrate mom and Ee-Thern's birthday at Ah Mah house but I am too tired to bake 2 birthday cakes for both the birthday lady and birthday boy. So I told mom to postponed it next Sunday and we will have an 'Asam Laksa Birthday Party' then. Too much steamboat party at home and we got bored with it. As a surprised for her, I am planning to make a Strawberry & Choco Ice-Cream Cake for mom and for Ee-Thern boy, to bake a Moist Choco Cake and decorate into a Deep Sea Ocean with lots of fishes and sea creature cos he love fishes. Hopefully I can make it without the maid. I am still figuring out how to do the fishes with buttercream. So keep a watch out next week.

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Dancing Queen said...

Your Le-Ann looks so pretty in that lovely smocking dress of hers! So small got good taste already! She's so cute!! :D