Saturday, September 8, 2007

Samseng Boy, Ee-Thern

My small boy, Ee-Thern was playing with Daddy ' Hak Chiu ' and when Dearie Suki reached home that night he got scolded from him cos playing his sunglasses. Hihihi... and this small boy the smart alex, run and hide behind me cos I think he knew it that I will protect him.

'Kecik-kecik cili padi', already 2 years old but still so small size and ketot just like a 1 year old kid. Even Edmund boy, my cousin bro's son who is now 4 mths old already bigger size than him. How ah? Today going to bring him to Sunway Hospital for his vaccination and going to check with the padeatrician why he is so small size but yet he can eat more than his 'cheh cheh'. Could it be the gen that runs in Dearie Suki's family or izzit there are worms in his stomach. Looks like going to feed him with more vitamins.

Ah boy ah, so ketot how to become pilot next time!


snoopy said...

Sue, i think he looks ok not small lah. My nephew also that size...As long as can eat can play still consider very healthy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, don't worry lah, healthy is most important. I think swimming will help him to grow taller, especially during his growing up stage. also for your gal.

Cat Cat said...

Ketot tak apa lah.. Janji hensem, that's all it matters.
Don't worry, he will grow bigger and taller when he's in his teens.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, I notice that my nephew also like that but once he is around 4 he start growing much taller. So don't worry too much as long as he is in good health and eats well he will be fine.

Kok said...

now small size is still ok. Me last time also like that. Until Primary 6, then suddenly fat like what. hahaha!

Sue Sue said...

I ask the dr liao. He also say like that.

I enquire for swimming lesson but both of them are too young. They only accept 5 yrs and above. So got to wait lor.

Aiyor.. hensem but ketot mana boleh. Afterwards isteri much more taller than him ambil gambar kahwin tak cantik wor.

This small boy is just like bandaraya. Apapun wallop.

Ya oh. I also like that, last time very thin then when study uni, is like kena pump air.Suddenly so fat and big size until now lor.

Lia said...

hehehehee really lovely kids, both are so cutes ;)