Friday, September 7, 2007

Bento #8 : Nasi Lemak Anyone?

The Nasi Lemak Bento. Anyone want this? Hihihi... packed this for lunch on Tuesday but end up didn't eat. Why didn't eat ah? Please don't misunderstood that I get bored with it and wanted to throw away.

Tuesday, having a brand review meeting with the BIG BOSS, supposed to start at 10.30 am but end up delayed to 11.30 am. By the time finished it is already 1.30pm and BIG BOSS ask me to go out for lunch with him. OK, la since he want to buy lunch so follow him out.

Wednesday, my ex-colleagues called me up to have lunch nearby my office, emm... I was thinking whether to go or not. Finally make up my mind go cos want to '8' la. The bento already 2 days kept in the fridge at the pantry, and I was wondering still can eat or not.

Thursday, Dearie Suki called me up ask me to go out for lunch with him cos he is having an appoinment later at Sunway Pyramid. Aiyor... 'lau ang' called up for lunch... MUST GO.

End up this Bento Set, took back home and opened up. Look see, look see, smell a bit, better not to eat, afterwards stomachache, worst still. Really susah, when didn't bring lunch, no body ask for lunch, when bring lunch to work, so many people ask for lunch. How, leh. What a waste again.

Packed the Nasi Lemak in this cute Hello Kitty Bento and also packed some cut persimmons fruit and a banana in the other bento box.


Cat Cat said...

I WANT, I WANT... **berdiri sambil angkat tangan tinggi2**

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, Very nice nasi lemak. Ya lor, is always lik that, just like if you don't looking for that thing, you always see it but when you need it, "cannot find.Why life always like that

keeyit said...

I like the lunch box ler. =D

Kok said...

Nasi Lemak without sambal? How can? But it looks nice. I want...the fresh one...haha!

Lucky you didn't eat. Nasi Lemak with coconut milk is not good to be eaten overnight.

Judy said...

SueSue, wah, nice nasi lemak but best not to eat after so many days liow cos of the santan.

So hor, the moral of the story is "Want to be invited for lunch, bring Bento lunch to work".

Psst, but make 'bluff lunch' lah, like roti and biscuits so when invited to lunch don't eat packed lunch, not so heartache. :)

snoopy said...

Sue, looks so time lelong out your lunch lor...I think everyone also want. If I work near to your place, I will always call you to see if you have lunch packed but no time to eat...haha..

Sue Sue said...

ya, ya, ya boleh.

Yes lor everything is like very hard to predict what is going to happen the next.

Hi thanks for dropping over my blog. Hope you enjoy it.

Aiyor still want to cook sambal meh so 'mah fun'. Come and think about it go out and tapau one packet more easier and cheaper la.

hahaha.. my nasi lemak no santan one. I use evaporated milk. ya lor next time must bring bluff lunch liao.

Aiyor pai seh la want to lelong meh. Better give out for FOC.