Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bento #6 : Sweet Tulip Flower

Another set of my Bento lunch to office last Thursday. Remember the Crispy Cereal Fish I cook, this are some left over, I packed it to work rather than keep in the fridge.

Look at the sweet tulip flower. I used tulip cookies cutter mould for the shape and sprinkle the cereal on the rice. At the back bento box is the Crispy Cereal Fish Fillets and some fried Sambal Belachan Kangkung.

Again my Dearie Suki was teasing me ' CHIAK PAH SIU ENG ' ( got no other better things to do ) ! Yes, yes , yes, he is right. LOL !


Cat Cat said...

It's so funny that your hubby always usik you with your bento box... Usik2 sayang gitu Sue... HAHAHA!!!

Lia said...

when i dropped here always hungry attacked me ;) lovely presentation :D

Judy said...

Hahaha, siew eng, go pah baang!

By the way, do you put your Bento in the microwave to heat your food?

Kok said...

Those bento looks really good. Next time teach me lah how to do. :P

Isha said...

oh sue, ur bento always so inviting lah, makes me hungry al the way

Sue Sue said...

He memang like that one try to usik me most of the time.

Thank you so much.

Hihihi, must go pah baang d.
Nope I don't put in the microwave. If I need to heat it up I will transfer to a ceramic plate. You see la keh lai chor one.

Aiyar... very easy one. No need to teach la... chin chai decorate one. It is just another version of 'chap farn'. It just nicer in presentation.


Kok said...

But it needs creativity which I don't have leh. :P

Sue Sue said...

Sap Sap water la. U sure have one.