Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Simple One

Last 2 days, reached home cooked a big pot of Fish Curry With Vegetables. When it is almost done, my handphone rang.

Me : Yes
Dearie Suki : Dear ah, I am not coming back home to eat.
Me : Huh, y leh.
Dearie Suki : I am eating with PK.
Me : Yer... y like dat one. Cannot call back earlier one meh so I don't need to rush back and cook. ( Very angry feel like cekik him )
Dearie Suki : Nvm la keep for tomorrow I eat everything for you.
Me : Hello, I cooked fish curry ah, got santan inside can keep so long meh.

I really don't understand him, if he can't get back home and eat why can't he call me earlier. If not I would bring the kids out to Alamanda, Putrajaya for McDonalds.

That night I had dinner alone with the kids. Not eating rice but make myself a piece of Roti Pratha, the frozen one from Kawan brand. I never like to buy frozen stuff but after reading some bloggers comments about this brand, I gave it a try. Result not bad woh, crispy and it is as nice as those selling from the Mamak stall. Must try.

Before I could enjoy my Roti Pratha, Le-Ann and Ee-Thern wallop the whole piece and left nothing for me. I got to take another piece, not one but two pieces from the fridge and heat it in a non-stick pan.

The next day, Dearie Suki is not back for dinner cos he has to helped one of his customer to put up the Christmas Deco in their cafe in Times Square. Me eating alone again and with the big pot of fish head curry.

I took some wholemeal pasta sample from office and boiled it. Pour the fish curry over the pasta and another simple dinner for me. I miss the 'Kon ( Dry ) Curry Mee' I used to eat in Glenmarie. After my office shifted to Subang Jaya, we hardly go back there and eat.

Here is my own version of 'Kon Curry Pasta'.

I don't really like the Wholemeal Pasta, taste yucks! I know it is a very healthy one but I just don't like the texture, rough and a bit hard and it is not to my liking. We tried the sample in the office and split into 2 groups..... one group is below 35 yrs old and another group is above 36 yrs old. The younger group give comments it taste sucks and the older one love it so much. So it is clearly stated this is targeted at the older age, health conscious and willing to pay for a higher price !


Kok said...

I also don't like wholemeal pasta! I tried once and that's it... Uekkk! Kakakaka

singairishgirl said...

Wow, I love curry with noodles too, and yum with prata, or bread.

Big Boys Oven said...

wah where is the fish curry recipe leh? .... must be inside you stomach oledi! lol! don't know about wholemeal pasta as never try them before. ???

Sue Sue said...

I also hate it la. Si peh pai chiak. If bring in to sell here sure kaput one. hahaha...

Curry with bread is the best when there is nothing to eat ya.

Aiyor the recipe easy leh, go supermarket buy one packet of Maggi Fish Curry Paste, kau tim. That is what I used. Wholemeal pasta... I don't like it but don't know about u if u try it.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Does the roti pratha taste good? Feel like trying it too. Poor thing, gotta wallop the whole pot of curry yourself. My hubby is like that too, makes me really mad... and I'm the one who always hv to sapu everything.

Sue Sue said...

Try the Kawan brand Roti Pratha and get the Flakey one. Very good must try leh.

That is why I always sapu habis and now getting fatter already.

JO-N said...

Must try the roti pratha. My kids just love it.

Cat Cat said...

Curry Fish - I will finish the whole pot for you.... Eh, I'm not a big fan of wheat pasta too... I like original...

Wen said...

i oso dont like when hub dont call back when not eating and hv to cook so much i call him first if he wants dinner or not, if still unsure, then i tell him no need to cook for him ler, fai si waste food ler

Rose's World said...

I tried the pratha from kawan brand before, yeah, very nice! I always serve some more curry from Yeos brand! Very nice too!

Never try the wholemeal pasta before....sound not nice from your description! hahahah!

Sue Sue said...

Remember to try. It taste good, trust me.

Sure or not, can finish the big pot. Eh yes hor the wholemeal pasta, tak sedap ya.

Man always mah kwai fun. Don't want to eat don't want to tell us. Really a waste sometimes.

Rose's world,
The curry from Yeos nice meh. Must go and buy one can and try leh. About the wholemeal pasta, I never like.

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