Saturday, December 22, 2007

Medical Assistant Training School

Have you ever think of becoming a medical assistant as your future career?

My neighbour's daughter, Phoebe just finished her final exam in secondary school and she came over to my place to ask for opinions what should she do after her finals. The first thing I asked her is what is her interest and what are her dream career?

Her dream is to be a medical assistant. Since young she always wanted to be one of them that can assist the doctor in the hospital of taking care sick patient, performing examination, adminestering therapy treatment, and managing insurance and billing record. Nowadays a medical assistant has become one of the fastest growing profession and they are just as important as doctors in the hospital.

My advice to her is first of all to look for a medical assitant schools that near to her place and offered a medical training assistant programme . A good medical training school should include courses like healthcare administration, medicine transcriptions, offered a ultrasound and X-ray technology, etc.

Apart from that, if she have passed the CMAs ( Certificate Medical Assistants ) , then she will have a better career job advancement and job security. This is an important steps in her career and by doing so she need to pass the American Association of Medical Assistant, national certification exam.

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