Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bangkok 2007 - Day 3

Day 3 in Bangkok is free and easy. Dearie Suki warned me the night before that pleaseeeee... don't wake him up so early cos he need SLEEP! Hahaha... do you think I go for a holiday to SLEEP? Off course not cos I will cover as much places as possible. Sammi told me one day in Chatuchak Market is not enough. You will never ever cover all the stalls. The total land area in Chatuchak Weekend Market is pretty unbelieveable, about 35 acres and it consist more than 15,000 stalls.

Chatuchak Map. Believe me you can get lost in the market.

I set the alarm clock to 7 am and woke up and get myself ready. 1/2 an hour later I drag Dearie Suki up and told him its already 9 am and got to go fast. Surprisingly he believe me and by the time he were done it is almost 8.30 am. We went down to the cafe for breakfast and OMG, 70% are Chinese, Taiwanese and Malaysian tourist with a 'KOK KOK'. I told Dearie Suki, true enough this hotel really cater for those people, no wonder those review of the hotel is so good. I got conned again. The place we are staying is quite happening, surrounded with pubs, cafes, discos, night clubs, massage parlours,spas and shopping malls. So wot u think leh?

Breakfast selection at the hotel is good. They have western, thais and chinese foods. No complaint from both of us and we enjoyed it so much. After breakfast we took the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet station few stops from Hwai Khuang station. Reach Chatuchak at about 9 am and some stalls just opened and my Dearie Suki still didn't realize what time izzit. Hihihihi....

At 9 am still not so much crowd.
At noon the crowd starting to come in.

At 5 pm jam packed with crowds and human traffic jam started.

We started to walk in the the stalls and nearly get lost in the market. It is so big and so stuffy inside. I started to look for the items that might caught my eyes and guess what is my 'SI TAU' do? Happily shopping for clothes, T-shirts, jeans and home decor. Home decor... I got to stop him from buying cos we already have to much at home and end up collect dust on the console table. Who got to clean leh? Me lor... giving me more jobs only.

Cute puppies for sale

Wooden Horse

Dearie Suki was eyeing on this wooden horse and crazy fellow, wanted to buy this back for the kids. The price for this is CIF 12,000 Baht and don't know any sales tax or import duty or not when we shipped back. I got to tell him forget about it and lets move on cos this in NOT URGENT and NOT IMPORTANT.

Dearie Suki quite like all the home deco stuffs there and he was telling me maybe we should consider open up one retail outlet and sell all these items. In my mind, can meh? It is better to aim something targeted at women cos I think it is the easiet to earn the money from women.

I bought more stuffs, earrings, necklace, skirts, bags, wah a lot more at very cheap price.

Lunch we had the Pineapple Fried Rice sharing with Dearie Suki cos I don't want to stuff myself too full. There are plenty more foods I have yet to try in the market. After lunch we shop again and we have yet to cover all the stalls. I think not even half of it.

Sigh... my Dearie Suki happily shopping again buying more stuffs for himself and again I got to take care of his shopping bags. Hey,am I supposed the one happily buying rather than him! Aiyah ,anyway, nevermind la I can visit Bangkok again with my ci mui friends.

Street performer in Chatuchak market

This is my favourite section, household utensils. I have been standing there looking around for almost 1 hour and so tempted to buy back cos it is so cheap. But I don't think so I can carry back unless I courier it back. Dearie Suki again giving me ideas, if I want to open a cafe can come here and sapu all back.

Food stalls in Chatuchak

Another version of Thai Crispy Pancake

I love the crispy pancake so much. This one made from pandan batter and in the midde is thick coconut milk. Per box is 20 Baht and we bought one box and finished up within minutes and we bought another box back to the hotel. We had more coconut juice , tangerine juice and iced longan... so refreshing.

More yummy foods

Fried Thai Fish Cake similar to our Keropok Lekor and this is more tasty.

For our supper at night

It was almost 4.30 pm and it is so crowded and LELONG is everywhere and I bought more earrings and necklace and T-shirt for the kids and both of us bought a hippy sunnies at 150 Baht and I doubt it will be bad for our eyes. Dearie Suki starting to complaint leg pain la, backache la, and I started to pull a grumpy face... huh, want to go back so early?

We left the place at about 5.30 pm cos most stalls starting to close and we took the train back to hotel. We rest for bout 1 hour, freshen up before we took the train out to MBK Shopping Center for dinner. Reach MBK, I was in TOKYU shopping and it is almost 15 minutes past 9 pm and we yet to have our dinner.

We went to the food court and it is almost closing. End up we had our dinner in BBQ Plaza. Dearie Suki have not tried this before and I have tried it in Sunway Pyramid. We ordered a set of the Deluxe Combo set consists of pork, chicken, fish, bacon, vegetables and fish cakes. Also ordered 2 bowls of garlic fried rice. I am glad he enjoyed the BBQ so much and ate most of it. The bill came out bout 331 Baht and it is slightly cheaper than those food in Siam Paragon food court.

Dinner at BBQ Plaza

Earrings, Hair Clips, Chains

On our way to the the National Stadium station, we saw lots of people surrounded at a woman and both of us went there to have a look what is she selling. End up I bought more earrings, chains and it is much more cheaper than those in Chatuchak. Hahaha...can give away as Christmas present.

Reach hotel almost 11.30 pm and both of us are so lazy to pack our luggage. Lazying around the bed cos we will have ample time to pack in the morning as we will be taking the late evening flight back home.

Day 4 in Bangkok, we did our last minute shopping. Drop by tomorrow !


Judy said...

I want to go! The last time I wanted to go my brother said, "Nothing one lah".

Was it hot walking during the day in the crowd shopping with no air-cond?

I perspire like mad when we shopped in pasar malam.

Sweetiepie said...

wah!look at your beautiful ah!If i go there sure i buy lots of baking stuff..have or not ah?Actually what is that Street performer in Chatuchak market doing???singingkah!If I go travel,my hubby will help me to take those shopping bags and let me shop till I drop.:)Next time ask your ci mui go travel with you better..right

Cat Cat said...

Nice necklaces... Wah, hari2 shopping and walk2 till midnight, tak penat ke...??? At night, kena "hardwork" lagi... Fuyoo...

Jane said...

People always tell me what a shopping heaven Bangkok is. I can't wait to goooooooooo!

Big Boys Oven said...

wah so cool! can I be one of your chi mui! lol! I am also a shopping freak!

Sue Sue said...

Hey you're back. I thot u MIA.
What nothing? A lot of things la. Food and shopping is cheap and it is damn hot, I nearly pengsan leh.

Haha.. TQ ah. Baking stuff a lot leh and quite cheap. The street perfomer singing la kakak. I usually travel with my ci mui one, only this time with my hubby.

Fuyoh.... I superwoman la u tak tau meh!

When r u going ?

Me and my ci mui all very sot one wor... shopping freak? Me and my ci mui too, we are shopperthon. LOL

jane said...

Not sure when going yet.. hoping to go mid of next year... hope hope!

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