Thursday, December 6, 2007

Do,Do, So,So,Fa,Fa,Re

Little Le-Ann has been attending the Music Kids Class from Yamaha Music School for almost 9 months now. Wow, so fast ya and last Monday her music teacher told us that they are going to 'Pit Giap' ( graduate ) in Dec'07 and will be having a mini concert on the 23rd Dec'07. The class started with 4 kids and now left 2 kids which is Le-Ann and Chien Chien ( older than Le-Ann 1 year ). So far, she have not miss any class before and I always rushed back form work every Monday to fetch her to attend all the classes.

In Jan'08, little girl will be attending the JMC, which is one step higher than Music Kids. Dearie Suki was telling me "Do you still want to enroll her in " . Off course, yes why want to stop where she has shown interest in the class. For him he think it is a waste of time and money cos he didn't see her sing or dance or practise it at home.

Last Monday, I had a bad headache and fell like vomitting the whole day. Called up Dearie Suki and get him to send her to class. From that day onwards, his point of view towards little girl learning music changed. When he got home, he told me she is so cute when she dance and sing.

Le-Ann's music teacher told him that we must get her to pronounced the words correctly. She has started singing :

Twinkle ,Twinkle, Little Star
replacing it with
Do,Do, So, So, Fa, Fa, Re
and she sing
Toh,Toh, So, So, Ha, Ha, Re

I just don't understand why she can't pronounced it correctly even my Ee-Thern can get it right. I am so worried now, should I bring her to consult the padeatrician or will she improved once she get into kindergarten next year?

Dearie Suki took this video from her lesson last Monday