Sunday, December 30, 2007

Donuts! Are You Nuts?

Last Thursday, I was having my usual trade visit with my sales reps and we were at Jusco in Sunway Pyramid. While waiting for the buyer to raise the PO, we walk around the shopping mall to kill our time. FL was telling me she wanted to get the donuts from J.Co and I asked her is it nice? I've tried the one from Big Apple for the 1st time last week at FC's house gathering. KV bought it from Big Apple at The Curve. When I was there I always wanted to get it but looking at the queue I just walked off.

Since FL wanted to buy, I also followed her to queue for it. Walau eh, guess how long we waited at the queue? A total of 45 mins just to get the stupid donuts ! I think I am nuts then. While waiting I told FL I only wanted 1/2 dozen cos only 2 of us eating. But after waited 45 mins of waiting, I changed my mind cos queueing so long just to get 1/2 dozen and I ended up getting 1 dozen since Dearie Suki haven't try it before.

1 dozen for RM17.50 and it is much more cheaper than Dunkin Donuts. I have chosen the Berry Heaven ( actually is Strawberry ), Green Tea, Banana Choco, Mango, Peanut Butter, the one with Almond Flakes, and White Choco. The one I like best is the Berry Heaven.

Yummy, donuts

Reach home with one big box of donuts and when my Dearie Suki saw it he shake his head and nagging me why get 1 dozen so much. My 2 kids don't touch at all and I don't know why they don't like it. End up both of us takes 2 days to finish up the donuts. Breakfast 2 donuts, after dinner 2 donuts and supper 2 donuts. Aiyor... I am going to gain more weight !

I am now waiting to try Krispy Kreme. Hope they open their outlet soon over here.


Wen said...

wah sure very jai ler, which one is better, big apple or

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! Now you had been installed as Ms Donut!!!!!

Cat Cat said...

Krispy Kreme donuts is the best.. It litterally melt in your mouth.. Of course, it's best eaten while it's still fresh and hot.. I mean right out from the oven... YUM!

Jerry said...

Oh oh - these look good. I think I've added 5 pounds just looking at the pics though! LOL

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, if you have a chance do try Krispy Kreme. They are the BEST!!

Sweetiepie said...

my daughters also don't like those donuts ler..maybe it's too sweet for them..anyway!wish you happy new year :)

Tot's Mom said...

45 mins to buy donuts?? I wouldn't have queued for them. But then I'm not a donut person either. Just a little too sweet to my liking. Anyway, Happy New Year to you!

jane said...

haa.. why ur kids don't like? tot the colours are to attract kids.. hahaha apparently its to attract OLD kids like us.

Sue Sue said...

Really jai la. Eh I dont quite like donuts and I makan like the same one.

That day called me Madamme Tau Foo Pok, now callled me Ms Donut. Tomorrow what name u wan to put for me ... hahaha

Catcat and Wan,
Too bad here got no Krispy Kreme. If got must really line up for it la.

Hahaha.. sure or not.Gain 5 pounds just looking if you come to my place and eat then u sure gain more leh. hahahah

I also dont know la why they dont like. But this one not really sweet wor.

Tot's mom,
Yup 45 mins. Crazy right. But I think this is their strategy cos only 1 counter there. So when u see so many ppl line up for it sure you think it is a good one.

I also tak tau la why they dont like and end up we wallop all.

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