Friday, December 14, 2007

Bangkok 2007 - Day 4

Our last day in Bangkok, we slept till 9.30 am and went down to the cafe for breakfast. We take our own sweet time to enjoy our breakfast. Half way of our enjoyment, I saw someone familiar. Aik... why this young handsome man so familliar to me from the back. Alamak, we met Dearie Suki ex-business partner in the same hotel. In our heart we kept giggling all the way what is he up to staying in this hotel.

Two days back I met him in Sunway foodcourt during lunch time and I asked him how is Bangkok. He answered me, OK but very tired. I was like ... huh and I asked him again what big job you do there oh? And he answered me 'WET' every night till morning. Ohhh OK, understood what he meant and didn't asked more.

Our breakfast, the pork porridge served during breakfast is a must try. We had this almost every morning with the mini fried curlers ( yau char kwai ) and the chinese lap cheong.

After breakfast we went to our room and started to pack our luggage. Wherever I go, I always bring along an extra hand carry bag to put the stuffs we buy.

So many things we bought and we have more on the floor.

Thai local junk foods

After we finished packing our luggage we checked out at about 11 am and both of us left our luggage at the concierge and we walked to Robinsons again to pass our time. We did some window shopping and had lunch at the TOPS Food Court. The food served at the foodcourt is good.

Clockwise from top left : Tops Foodcourt, Fresh Tangerine Juice, Fried Vermicelli with Starchy Sauce, and Glass Noodles Spicy and Sour Seafood Salad.

After our lunch we went to TOPS supermarket to look around and see what products they have on the shelf that we can't get here. At last I get the Pork Cubes from Knorr at only 28 Baht and the Thai Spicy Chilli Powder at only 13 Baht. Wah so cheap. The pork cubes is something special where you can't get here.

After that we went to Robinsons again and look see, look see and I found this Takoyaki maker for only 399 Baht. I was telling Suki I want to get this back and he was telling me not to get cos we can't load into the bag anymore. Nevermind, I can hand carry it back. Hahaha... at last I bought it.

Then halfway queueing at the cashier he came over and tell me he want to get the Samsonite luggage bag. Buy 1 FREE 1 and furhtermore they have 70% discount on top of that.So worth it and sum up it is only about 4500 Baht. But.... how to carry back leh, worst still ask me not to buy the Takoyaki maker and he himself want to get the two big Samsonite luggage back. End up we didn't buy maybe the next round we come again we will not bring any luggage and get the new one there.

Takoyaki Maker only 399 Baht

At about 2.30 pm we took a taxi back to the hotel to collect our luggage and then head on to Survanabhumi Interational Airport. This is the new airport and it is so busy.

Look at this. We go there with one luggage and come back with 3 luggage. One for clothes, one for shoes and bags, one for foods and the hand carry plastic bag is my Takoyaki maker. We checked in at about 4.30 pm and our flight back to KL is at 5 pm. Phew.... no delay and everything is on time.

Ready to take off. Bye Bye Bangkok.

A nice view from the plane at 7.20 pm

Yesterday night at home, me and Dearie Suki tried this Durian Snacks we bought from Gourmet Supermarket in Siam Paragon. Per pack is 65 Baht and inside only have 5 pcs. Taste good with the strong pungent durian smell and a bit sweet. But when you put in your mouth it melts in it. Aisayman.... we should try it first in the hotel and buy more back for Dad to try.

Crispy Durian Snacks. It melts in your mouth !

Then we try another Durian Chips we bought from Chatuchak Market. This one is crispy salty at first bite but then the after taste is sweet. Both of us plus Le-Ann finished within minutes while we were surfing the net.

Durian Chips

To sum up our trip, it is indeed a fun trip with Dearie Suki and yesterday he was telling me next year we plan to go to Ho Chi Minh after we read Dancing Queen's blog about her trip to Ho Chi Minh with Mr DQ. Looks like there are more things to source back from Ho Chi Minh! We are now aiming for cheap flights again!


Wen said...

yum yum!! i wanna eat too!!

Big Boys Oven said...

Sue Sue your trip sound so fun.... I guess I will end up staying!

Cat Cat said...

Durian chips sounds good... Glad to know you and your hubby had a good trip.

Sweetiepie said...

I like the mini yau cha kwai..yummy right?I think you guys are junk food lover like me..hehe

Sue Sue said...


It is sure a fun trip for both of us.

The durian chips certainly good and is a must try leh.

The mini yau char kwai nice leh but hor over there ah they eat it with coconut sugar or condensed milk. I not a junk foods person, my hubby yes.

MaryKate said...

hi there, i go to Bangkok every year for meeting/shopping, so going again this weekend. May i know if the takoyaki is the same as dorayaki? great if you could help. if yes, where to buy ? tks

Sue Sue said...

Dear MaryKate,

Dorayaki is a flat pancake with a red bean paste filling in the middle. Where else Takoyaki is small round balls. I get the tako machine from Robinsons at the electrical department.

Hope you enjoy your weekend in Bangkok.

InspiredMumof2 said...

Wah, this trip very "rewarding" ha!
Absolutely "man zhai er gui" (come back with full of things)!

Every quarter we go back to visit MIL, sure to bring back some stuff, especially the kids clothings at Emporium, siam paragon. Now our home full of stuff and needed more storage. Now that i read your posts, am thinking to load more vitamin M this Sunday when we leave. :-)

Dancing Queen said...

Eh Suesue, sorry ah, I baru read ur posts. Busy busy donno doing what. Anyway, my Vietnam posts pun belum habis. If u plan to go, I can give you tipsy. Can MSN me at!

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