Tuesday, December 18, 2007

AShop Commerce

Both me and my sis has been planning for quite sometime to start off with a online business. What we have in planned is to sell girls' dresses or to start sourcing some fashion accessories from other countries to sell online.

But creating a web page for our online business is a problem for us cos both of us are not IT savvy person until I found AShop Commerce. Create an online store now is as easy as 1,2,3! AShop Commerce is a web programme with no installation required. Apart from that it is one of the most affordable software that provide a shopping cart software features and design which allow us to build the top shelf online stores with a very minimal investment.

AShop Commerce accepts all credit cards online and this makes each sales transaction easier and faster. It also has thousand of features and it is easy to use. The software comes with a fully customize design and we can used their unique and easy design creator or even their flash to create our own personalized web page.

I am going to call my sis soon to inform her about this and why wait where we can start selling online right now since they have a free 10 days trial session !

***This is a sponsored post***