Friday, December 28, 2007

Bentong Taufoo Pok

Hooray! Yeah ! My Dearie Suki has re-format my laptop and everything is back to normal now. Thank God he back up all my folders and the most important one is my photos. I am re-arranging my photos and come across few food shots which I have no time to blog about it.

PK went back to his home town in Bentong and came back with a big packet of Taufoo Pok for me. He told me this Taufoo Pok he bought from one of the very famous one in Bentong and they sell from house and walau eh, even you go at midnight they also sell the Taufoo Pok to you.

I never like Taufoo Pok and whenever I had curry laksa I will start to dig out the Taufoo Pok and pass it to Dearie Suki. The big packet of Taufoo Pok took me weeks to finish it. To my surprised, the Bentong Taufoo Pok taste really good and it is so different from those I bought from the wet market. The next round he go back Bentong, I am going to get him buy for me again.

Dish 1 : I stuffed the Taufoo Pok with my own homemade fish paste from the Tenggiri Fish. Pan fried it till cook and eat it with chilli sauce. Wow, very nice and good. The taufoo pok taste more like the beancurd skin. So, so different from those sold locally here.

Dish 2 : Stewed pork belly with eggs and taufoo pok.

Le-Ann loves the lor pork belly and lor egg so much. She finished up the 2 eggs.

Dish 3 : Used the balance of the Taufoo Pok for my Bak Kut Teh last weekend. Dearie Suki loves Bak Kut Teh so much and he can even have 2 bowls of rice.

Among all the dishes, I still loves the stuffed taufoo pok with fish paste. It tastes so good !


Stranger-online said...

Makes me so hungry looking at these pic. Yummy...

Cat Cat said...

Mana boleh no taufoo pok in curry laksa..??? I love taufoo pok... I always ordered extra taufoo pok in my laksa... Sedap.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, I am the other way round. I just love taufoo pok. I put it in everything from veggies to my laksa :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

OMG, your homecooked dishes make my tummy rumble, they all look soooooo good!!! I LOVE stuffed tofupok too... in fact I love tofupok cooked in any way. Next time you stuff those tofupok, I'll drop by your house for some, can?

Dancing Queen said...

I love taufoo pok too! And ur BKT looks really yummy! You made it yourself?

Big Boys Oven said...

Sure this time we will call you Madamme Tou Foo Pok! lol!

beachlover said...

aiyo..look so good...can see ,cannot eat..kesian la for me..*sob sob*..

Tot's Mom said...

First time here. Just blog hopping. Hey, I like eating taufoo pok. Looking at the pics, I'm salivating already. ;)

Trinity said...

waaaa you are good at cooking! Really good! So many cook mamma in malay, I should go visit your place someday.. hehehe...

Suesue.. I tag you... do you spare rod?

zooropa said...

Oh yummy tao fu pok & bak kut teh. I hv a tag 4ya! Hehehe...


Anonymous said...

Hello there.First time I dropped by here.

When I saw your cooking picture, I'm drolling.. haha. I like pork too. Maybe you can teach me how to cook those delicious foods. :)

JO-N said...

Wow, looks good. Sue, how long do you spend in the kitchen everyday?

Sue Sue said...

Stranger online,

Sedap meh taufoo pok. I don't like la

Huh, u another one loves taufoo pok ah.

Health Freak Mommy,
No problem next time belanja u makan. Why I find so many ppl like taufoo pok where else I am the other way round.

Dancing Queen,
Oooh, the BKT I used the Sifu brand Bak Kut Teh bags. But I did add more of the Tong Kwai and the Kei Zhi.

Huh... Madamme Taufoo Pok? I think I am going to look like Taufoo Pok d la.

Nvm la, next time u balik negara i belanja u makan la.

Tot's Mom,
Hi thanks for visiting.

Come la to Malaysia. We can met up leh. Thanks for the tag. Will do it once free.

Wah lau eh, kena tag again. Ok la will do it once free.

Hi thanks for visiting. Drop by more often I got no problem teaching you some pork recipes.

Where got just a simple home cooked dish at home leh. Me ah I everyday only spend about 45 mins in the kitchen to prepare dinner leh. A quick one la.

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