Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Laptop 'KAPUT'

Sigh.... :( my laptop at home 'kaput' and got attacked by some VIRUS. I have been pestering Dearie Suki to help me re-format the whole thing but he has been dragging his time. :( I want to cry leh. Without my laptop.... I cannot eat , cannot drink, cannot sleep. This is what happen when I am an IT dumb person and don't even know how to repair it and have to pray hard he do it for me today so that I don't have to stay back from lunch in the office to blog.

Sigh.... :( the biggest culprit that I can think off is the paid post I rejected. There is one post and I don't know it is about promoting some SEX tape. I rejected the post and the next thing I got is this stupid VIRUS started to prompt out infront of the screen. It got so irritated last 2 nights while I was MSNing with BigFish, I got so pissed of with the VIRUS and I turned off my laptop.

Sigh... :( another frustrated thing is my PPP. Every morning I woke up and log into it and gosh I found almost everyday I have atleast of 3 oppurtunities to write but..... "See Only Cannot Touch". I was like staring at blank hope cos all oppurtunities are fully reserved. Arrrgghhhh... angry. Maybe I should change my strategy... sleep early and wake up in the middle of the night to look for oppurtunities. Any tips from those 'SIFU' who are very 'TERROR' in PPP?

To all blogger friends, I hope I can visit your blog soon and leave comments.

Happy New Year !


beachlover said...'re so funny!!*ROFL*..don't worried la..I think PPP have limit opportunity these days..beside that they consider your ranking too..My RealRank drop to ZERO after I get my own domain...take some time to build up again..*sigh*

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, I think we are addicted to our computer. My husband said so about me :) I can't function without mine. As for PPP lots of people stay up late till early in the morning as during that time there are more opportunities.

BigFish said...

Sue Sue, was nice MSNing with u. Use the Anti Virus (Avira) i told u, works well til now with my lap top...
By the way... seems like every one here know very much about PPP. Heard from my friend also they need to judge accordingly with our Traffics and Rank. But for me is like.. huh... watz that!?

bigfish_chin said...

Sue, do u know why my 'icon' at the left hand side is different from u all?

Cat Cat said...

Beachlover is correct... My Rank drop to ZERO too after I get my own domain... Use to have ALOT of PPP to write but now it's building up... Not bad... Just have to wait a couple months lah Amoi.... Keep it up with the PPP... They really pay you real money...

huisia said...

Bigfish introduced me here...
As for the 3p, let's see any bright day after 8/1 (11/1?), what i heard that they will start using RealRank instead of PageRank. Maybe you are able to grab some opps during that time. don't worry :)

Sweetiepie said...

I am not qualify to ppp yet!can't really help you buddy..sori!Your internet service don't have protection?you better get one virus and spyware proctection..i think you have to pay for a small fee..hope everything is fine now!

FL Sam said...

Argh. Got attack by virus. Depend how serious, you may have to reformat your drive and all datas will be gone if you dont do backup.

If you have an good anti virus, it should able to detect any virus before it attack you PC>


FL Sam

Sue Sue said...

hahaha.... yes meh. Aiyor I also wan to give up d la.

Yes lor, really addicted. It is my only entertainment at home. My kids had both the tv so laptop is a must for me.

Try to apply PPP la can earn money wan.

Wah have to wait how long ah?

Hi thanks for visiting. Yes ah they are going to use realrank. Maybe i should consider change to my own domain leh more opportunities to write la.

I get my hubs to kau tim for me d.

Wah quite serious wor. Got to re-format everything again. Luckily my hubs back up the files for me. If not I will cry for a month.

Wen said...

sue u r not alone ler.... and which paid post co that gave u the virus, must be careful edi

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