Thursday, January 10, 2008

Start To Drools Over It

I haven't been cooking lately and Dearie Suki started to get bored with the food we take away from the restaurant and my cooking become more simpler and simpler at home. I just hate the washing after cooking and I told Dearie Suki if he wanted me to cook then make sure he come back earlier and look after the kids. In that case, I will have more time for cooking and I did miss my cooking. He was telling me he don't mind to have simple dishes at home as long as all of us eat at home. Think about it true also, it is more healthier to eat at home even a simple one. Nothing better than a home cooked meals.

Looks like I am going to find more time to start back my cooking, if not I think I will forget how to cook. LOL..... Here are some of my simple dishes for my Dearie Suki to drools over it if he read my blog. Hahahahaha.....

Easy peasy one.... steamed minced pork with salted fish and ginger. Dearie Suki can eat 2 plates of rice.

Steamed fish with Kikkoman soya sauce. Not for the kids, too much bones.

Bored of steaming silken tofu with fried shallots? Try this. Add some prawns and oyster sauce over it.

Deep fried calamari. My favourite but when frying it must wear a protector over my body leh. Oil splashing all over the kitchen. Give me more job to clean up the kitchen.

Green, green, green. I don't mind to have this whole plate of kai lan for dinner.

Months back, I went to Kuantan and bought back one whole Mui Heong Salted Fish. You know, this plate of Mui Heong Salted Fish I fried with some ginger, a whole plate of it is much more expensive than I go out and eat a bowl of noodles.


beachlover said...

Sue-sue..I read your posting talking about Dearie Sukiall the time,I thought she is your maid or babysitter!! but now I realise she is your he hubby!! so DuH one la!!*fainted* hahaha!.I think bcoz all the time when I enter your blog,it jam up my computer,maybe it's your widget,so I didn't read your previous post..sorry la..I love all your home cook photos especially the salted fish one..I think you wanna to make us drool not Dearie Suki!!..May I ask why you call him Dearie Suki??.*still shaking my head*be tahan ROFL!!

Sue Sue said...

Hahahaha... yes lor a lot of blogger fren asked me, why I called him Dearie Suki cos Suki it his name la. LOL.
Eh, really ah, you having problem logging into my blog ah.Must find out what happen la. I wonder other bloggers having this problem logging into my blog or not. Maybe is the music I installed in the blog makes the whole thing jammed up.

Gen said...

Sue! Thanks for you concern on my sick sick time! :o) I am still not well but seeing you food make me wanna eat eat eat! :o)

Big Boys Oven said...

sounds like we got to invite ourself to you dinner! lol!

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, can I come for dinner at your house. It has been a long time since I had steam pork with salted fish. Wish I can cook it here. By the way, I had the same problem like Beachlover each time I log into your blog. My computer got jam up too.

wen said...

can we hv bloggers meeting at your house ah? hihihi...
i hv always like steamed minced pork with salted fish buttill now havent bought mui heong salted fish yet...

jane said...

hi sue, LOL! I used to think DearieSuki is your maid too. HAHAHA! but realized it later. Yeah I had problem logging on to ur page too d other day.. it automatically brought me to another page, i think it's Advertlet's page.. Forgot which advertiser. Tried a few times still the same. But after that day can log in already lah. What kind of salted fish do u use for minced pork n where to get them? your cooking looks really good! :D

Happy Food Happy Thots said...

Hi Sue
Your dishes r simple but they look absolutely delicious! Most importantly, it is cooked with lots of love and that makes them taste even better than takeaways from restaurants outside. :) Love to have a seat at your dinner table.

Dancing Queen said...

Music? What music? Got music meh? Never heard any music coming from your blog ever since I started reading it.

BTW, sakit, still can cook up a storm ah? Sai leh ah! :)

bigfish_chin said...

Drool...Drool... Salted fish with meat leh! I had it for yesterday dinner too eh~ :)
I love the Steam Fish u done eh. Looks really mouth-watering.
Prob wit entering your blog- Yes leh, was thinking to leave u comment on Tues & Wed, jammed wor... didn't know why also.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Eh, your dishes not only made Dearie Suki drool, they made me drool too.... so yummy looking!

Sue Sue said...

Wah you also not bad leh sick still can cook. Me also sick. Got a very bad sore throat and flu. :(

Hahaha... can no prob.

You r welcome leh. Hihihi... Yes ah u also havign the same problem ah. I already remove some of the widget hopefully it wont jam up your computer again. If it happen again, please inform me ya.

Aiyor my house so far u all wan to come meh. hihihi

Alamak, if its my maid , y I wan to treat her so good leh. hihihi
Ya, last Sun something wrong with advertlets. I have remove it. The salted fish is the 'mui heong' type. I get it in Kuantan.

Happy Food Happy Thots,
I think home cooked food is anytime better than anything.

Dancing queen,
Got music la. Now i put the gong xi, gong xi music. Aiyar this few days tak masak la. Those pics is last time I took one. Now only blog about it.

Yes lor I also loves the salted fish with pork. Wah can eat a lot of rice with it.

Eh you also face the same problem logging in ah. Looks like I have to re-arrange my page d.

Health Freak Mommy,
Hahaha.. Thank you oh. Just a simple dishes leh, nothing special.

allthingspurple said...

trust you to make simple dishes look so Martha Stewarts. Thanks for sharing. Actually, these gave me some ideas on what to cook tonight. ha ha.

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