Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kuala Selangor Outing

Last Sunday we had a family outing with all Dearie Suki's family members to Kuala Selangor. Ever since his late 'tai ku' passed away last March'07, we seldom meet the rest of his aunties and uncles. It is such a pity and sad case that his late 'tai ku' passed away after being diagnosed with the final stage ovarian cancer. Furthermore she detected this on the day she is supposed to be retire from her working life as a head nurse in a private maternity hospital. She is still single and loves my Dearie Suki so much.

She left a lump sum of money for him to manage her funeral and other services, and now with the balance of the money, my Dearie Suki will organize a family outing every year. We organized a trip to Kuala Selangor and then we had dinner at Ijok, the one famous for the Beggar's Chicken.

We started our journey at about 3 pm and met up with the rest of the family members at his uncle house in Bukit Jalil.

Both Le- Ann and Ee-Thern getting ready and can't wait to go. I love this photo so much, both of them trying to camwhore themselves and I didn't realize they are playing with my new camera.

Le-Ann is very happy that she is going 'kai kai' again after she recover from her sickness. For about a week she has been staying at home cos Daddy tell her no 'kai kai'.

My Ee-Thern kept asking me " Mommy, reach d ah". Aiyor... farn sei yan. I get him to suck him thumb and sleep first.

Hot and sunny weather.

Finally both of them slept all the way till we reached Kuala Selangor.

We reached Kuala Selangor at about 4.30 pm and we brought them to Pasir Penampang. Stop over and we walked around the small town. Quite a number of shops selling fresh fish balls, fish, anchovies, and other dried stuffs.

Le-Ann with a grumpy face cos just woke up from her nap.

After few minutes of warming up, hahaha... back to normal can play and run here and there. Wah can even ask Daddy to buy her a big packet of Keropok.

Fishballs and Yong Tau Foo for sale.

Playing by the side of the sea. So, so, so HOT.

Le-Ann : Mommy, ah boy want to jump down!

This 'Hiao Char Boh' playing with my sunglasses. Aiyor... Mommy GUCCI sunglasses very expensive one leh.

After that we went over to the wet market to buy some fresh seafood and fish. The rest of my 'Yee Mah Ku Cheh' buy so much and Dad, was telling me some of the seafood are delivered down from KL. So, why buy so much since it is not any cheaper!

Le-Ann : Mommy, faster la very 'chou chou'.

Dearie Suki is so smart to bring this ice box along. Hahaha.... I also buy some fishes and lala too.

It was almost 6 pm and Uncle Peter wanted to go Bukit Melawati. Alamak... what to see over there. But end up didn't go cos we booked the dinner at 6 pm. Dearie Suki guide them to the restaurant and there are 5 cars following behind us. So must make sure we didn't 'salah jalan', if not 'malu' only.

The restaurant is located in remote area and got to go through the bumpy road and passed through all the palm oil estate. But that is 5 years back but now it is all tar road and the road is no longer bumpy.

We booked 3 tables and it is a set dinner. Per table is RM299 and the menu consist of :

1. Beggar's Chicken
2. Beggar's Duck
3. Beggar's Pork Knuckles
4. Beggar's Glutinous Rice
5. Steamed Assam Pomfret
6. Kon Chin Har / Prawns
7. Kam Heong Crab
8. Black Pepper Pig's Stomach Soup
9. Stir-fried Vegetables
10. Fruits

I asked Dad before is this the way Beggar cook their food at home. The chicken is wrapped with aluminium foil then the outer part is covered with mud /clay. Then is is burried in a hole with fire burning on top of it.

I realized the food standard drop unlike few years back it tastes quite good. Maybe now is too commercialized and there are so many tourist buses stop over. But anyway the rest of the family members enjoyed the dinner but not for me and Dearie Suki or perhaps maybe we went there too often with Dad and Mom last time. So there is nothing special to us anymore.

Total bill came out to RM 925.60 plus all the 'tip tip tup tup'.... drinks la, peanuts la, keropok la, tissue la....

So for those who like to try out, here is the contact :

New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant ( Ijok )
Only open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Please order in advance.
Tel : 03-3279 1936 / 019-3173 3687 ( Mr Tee )


Cat Cat said...

Great menu there... RM299 per table - very cheap ooooo...

Eh, I thought all restaurant get rid of the tip tip tup tup thingy like tissues, peanuts... I remember back then, lots of people complaining about extra charges...

Wen said...

so exp ler, was it really gd

Health Freak Mommy said...

RM299 per table with so much good food, really cheap! Very nice pix and looks like you all had a great time!

Sweetiepie said...

wah!so much fun!I like going for a trip like this.shop around the wet market is so much too buy.RM299 for the menu is sure a good quality food o be serve.happy new year!

Tot's Mom said...

Looks like a fun outing. And all the food, mmm yummy!

Big Boys Oven said...

Walio! what a spread of food! Next hor, if you go to Ijok, let me know, can ta pau one beggar chicken for me! lol!

Sue Sue said...

The food is so so only la. Nothing great to shout about.

Not really lor.

Health Freak Mommy,
I think the kids had a great time but not both of us.

It is indeed fun but I think the most happiest one is both my kids.

Tot's Mom,
Ya, quite a fun one but it would be best minus the hot sun. hahaha

yayaya... sure no prob... next time ta pau for you.

singairishgirl said...

Wah, looks like a fun outing. I love that first pic with le-ann peeking out behind her brother. Very nice.

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