Saturday, January 12, 2008

After 1 Week Of Schooling

At last I felt relief, my little girl stop crying after 1 week in kindie. I was there with her on the 1st day and then the following days, Dearie Suki fetch her to kindie. The 2nd day as usual she cried and really cried so loud. Dearie Suki got to leave her there and go cos the longer he stays the harder she cried.

Then subsequently, I could say almost everyday, Dearie Suki called me at about 8.30 am when I just stepped into my little cubic in the office. He started to complaint that his little sweetheart taking her own sweet time to get herself changed into her uniform. Then she wanted to finish watching her Barney's Cartoon first. Then she told Daddy that she wanted to drink Vitagen and eat biscuits. After all is done and getting ready to go to the car, this little girl start telling Daddy that she wanted to ' Pang Sai' first. End up everyday late to kindie. Her kindie started at 8.30 am and she reached there almost 9.15 am.

I really don't understand why Dearie Suki got such a patient to entertain his litte sweetheart. He even try to pamper her with 'Liu Lian' and telling her if she behave well he will buy her favourite 'Liu Lian'.

Yesterday when I picked both of them up from babysitter's house, I asked little girl ...

Mommy : Girl, how is school? Got cry or not?
Le-Ann : Mommy, cheh cheh no cry d. Daddy bring cheh cheh to school. Then Daddy go to work, cheh cheh go to school.
Mommy : Teacher teach you wat?
Le-Ann : Emmm, draw.... singing.... go playground lor.
Mommy : Wat you eat today?
Le-Ann : Emmm, I eat 'mien pau' and drink soup.
Mommy : You got friends or not?
Le- Ann : Got. I got 5 friends. No,no, no, no ... I got 10 friends.
Mommy : Huh, yes ah you got so many friends ah.
Le- Ann : Mommy, Daddy say cheh cheh no cry and Daddy buy 'Liu Lian' for cheh cheh.

This small girl, that night keep telling Daddy to buy 'Liu Lian' for her and Daddy got no choice but to keep his promise to his little sweetheart. I think she is overly pampered by Dearie Suki.

This durian bought from the Pak Cik's stall outside our house. Wah, the best durian - bitter, creamy and sweet. But not cheap leh.

This small girl, crazy over durian. She loves it so, so, so much.

Ee-Thern starting to learn how to appreciate 'Liulian'. I think he loves it too.


Tot's Mom said...

Wah, durian! Can't get good ones in Hong Kong. Durians here are imported from Thailand so, they don't taste as good. :(

Cat Cat said...

Sue Sue,
Local durians are the best... I also love the bitter sweet type... Ah, got to get some frozen durian soon.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, your hubby really bribe le-anne with durian :) The durian really look so good. I am drooling just looking at it :( Like Cat, I am going to get some frozen durian. Cannot tahan already :)

singairishgirl said...

DURIAN!!! Yummy yummy. I got no chance eat esp in the house cos hubby don't can't stand.

wen said...

wah got durian can gau dim edi ah? i ahve to gau dim my son many times with many toys of encouragement b4 he stopped crying after a mth ler..

JO-N said...

Your kids love durians and your hubby sure knows how to use that to his advantage.

Sue Sue said...

Tot's mom,
Ya I also hate those Thai's durian doesn't taste as good as those from here. So are you a Malaysian staying in HK?

Agree I still prefer the local ones.

My hubby ah, if she wan the moon ah he also will bring it down for her la.

Huh, your hubby can't stand it? He is a angmoh? Must train him how to eat leh.

Yes lor got durian can kau tim her d. Hahaha

My kids always try to take advantage from their daddy cos they know who can bully and who can't. LOL

Dancing Queen said...

Oh, those durians really look tempting!! Makes me wanna eat them d! :)

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