Monday, January 21, 2008

Pre-CNY Reunion Dinner

Last Saturday we had our pre-CNY reunion dinner. Every year without missed, me and Sis will buy Uncle HH & Aunty SH plus their kids for a pre-CNY reunion dinner. Reason being Sis will not be around during CNY cos need to 'balik kampung' to Ipoh. Me the most lucky one cos married to a husband from the same 'kampung' just 2 roads away from my Ah Mah's house. So CNY, I will be here. CNY Eve in Ah Mah's house, 1st day, 2nd day and the rest of the day also will be in Ah Mah's house. Lucky right!

I doubt if I married someone who are from East Malaysia, I am sure every year I will cry like hell and missed the fun and the merrier of CNY in Ah Mah's house.

Last Saturday we had our dinner at Sek Yuen Restaurant, in Pudu KL. One of the very old Chinese restaurant and served some of the dishes whereby you can't get in any of the other Chinese restaurants. Dad ordered the dishes and OMG all also meat.

At the end of the dinner I complaint to Sis, why ordered all the meaty dishes and there is no prawns or fish. As usual Dad ordered the dishes. Now you know my family are all meat eaters.

Going to cut short the story and hope the following photos will explained the fun of having a reunion dinner with family members.

Sek Yeun Restaurant, one of the ' Lau Chiau Pai' restaurant in KL

Kids having fun. Run here and there in the restaurant.

Fellow cousins and Aunty SH

Le-Ann with Leen Ah Yi and Cheh Cheh

Camwhores shot with Leen Ah Yi and Mommy

Dad with his 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters plus Faye. The whole bunch of kids loves him so much.

Here comes the dishes.... teng, teng, teng..... Aiyor all also bak, bak, bak

8 Pou Pork Leg & Yeong Lam Pou ( Braised Lamb )

Cold platter and Omelette with crab meat and sharkfins ( wrapped with lettuce ) ... Yummy

Vegetarian Dish and Lap Mei Rice ( too full and got to tapau the rice back for lunch the next day)

Crispy Chicken Skin stuffed with Fish Paste and Roast Duck

Wah all of us are so full and hardly can finish the last 2 dishes and got to tapau back. Total bill came out to be RM487 and I sharing the bill with Sis. Not too bad huh, but I think is too much meat. Next week there will be another dinner and this round Uncle HH will buy us and family. Venue yet to know and I am looking forward for the dinner. Oh NO, I am going to gain more weight!


bigfish_chin said...

Cold platter, Lap Mei Rice, Roast Duck, 8 Pou Pork Leg & Yeong Lam Pou…
These are all the dishes I like lar… Haiyooor!!!
How come your Ah Mah’s house sound so nice to visit one?! Eih, I’m from East M’sia leh, Panda from K.L Sg.Buloh oh… his parents never cook during the CNY and even normal day lar! This is the year I can back to K.K, Sabah after 2 yrs staying K.L for CNY leh! How come our wish Terbalik leh!? Hahaha…

Dancing Queen said...

Wah.. not yet CNY already celebrating! If me, have to fast during CNY lor! :P

wen said...

yeah, my mom and aunts are lou jiok at sek yuen even from young cause they used to leave in pudu ma. we ordered their special dishes.
i went last yr CNy but the food wasnt that gd anymore, so now we change place edi

Rose said...

Sue, you make me hungry looking at all those big serving of dishes!! Yummy! Now make me want to fast forward to CNY Eve, becos we will be celebrating the reunion at my parents' house after 3 years absent in Kuching! Hahaha! More homecook food from my mum! :p

Judy said...

Wah, drooling here. I will never get a chance to have these dishes during CNY over here.

I will have to contend with a simple plain meal. :(

JO-N said...

Reunion so early? Actually we should reunion whenever possible, ya?

InspiredMumof2 said...

Wow, that was so soon! I will be having early reunion dinner too before I leave for thai again for another reunion.

Now that makes me think about what to eat this reunion in SG...slurp..:-)_

Hazel said...

wow really feel hungry oh..thanks for visiting my blog, sure i will add ur blog into my blogroll

beachlover said...

sue sue:
Not yet CNY already pre dinner so fast?Aiyooo..I wanna to jump into your table an shrae your delicious meal lor!!.I can't hardy wait..

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahhahahaha we all become so prosperous this days..... I need to head to the gym! lol!

I Cook4Fun said...

Wah, so fast celebrate CNY already. Seeing all those dishes make me think of home :( :( Wish I can go home now..

somebody said...