Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Want To Learn Sewing

My mom is a tailor and she has been sewing clothes for her regular customers for more than 40 years. Surprisingly, she never pass down her experience and teach me and sis how to sew. Although I have no interest in sewing since young but as I grow older, this interest seems to develop in me. And the next thing is I wanted so much to learn sewing from her. I loves to buy dresses for my little girl and she just loves wearing pretty and sweet dresses whenever we bring her out. I was wondering why not I sew all her dresses on my own and make to her size.

I have been planning to get a sewing machine because I don't have one and I have been browsing through which brand to get. After doing some comparison finally I decided to get the Janome sewing machine. They have various model and I come across one which suit to my budget and I really love the design of the sewing machine. It is the Janome Hello Kitty 11706 model. It is so cute and I will definately get it and used it to sew the nice dresses for my little girl and my niece.

I can't wait now to get the sewing machine and tonight I am going to the bookshop to get some books to guide me how to start sewing.

This post brought to you buy Janome.