Saturday, January 19, 2008

Identity Theft Protection

Loudsiren is in partnership with Debix Identity Protection Network and they was established in year 2004 to protect their consumers and their lenders from identity theft. Both of this partners brings you to the next generation of consumer protection and protects your indentity within minutes.

How does this Loudsiren ( Debix ) Identity works ?

* It works as to prevent thief from stealing our personal information to apply for credit cards using our identity.

* If the bank or creditors company runs the credit or notes the fraud alert containing our unique phone number created by the Loudsiren (Debix ) Identity Protection Network and they will call to the number to confirm the identity before making the loan.

* The Identity Protection Network will transmit the credit request to their customer for authorization.

* Apart from that The Identity Protection Network Instant Authorization will blocks imposters.

* Their customers will approve the new loans if it is legitimate or reject the credit application if it is fraudent and hence keeping your identity safe.

If you are looking for one to protect your identity from using your identity, enroll today with Debix and it only takes you 3 minutes 10 enroll. Enroll today and don't missed out the USD10 off with the promo code 'Debix'.