Monday, January 7, 2008

Both Started Crying....

Today was Le-Ann first day at the kindie. Dearie Suki enrolled her into the Q-Dees kindie near our house last Friday. Because of me too busy the last whole week, ended up Dearie Suki bring her to the kindie. Apparantly according to him, she quite like the kindie and little girl told Daddy that she wanted to go to school. So he enrolled her in and going to start her first day at school today.

Yesterday night, I was busy packing her stuffs and took out the new 'Reebok' shoes I bought for her during the RSH warehouse sale. 50% off and I bought 2 pairs, one for Le-Ann and one for Ee-Thern. Dearie Suki nagged me and said the kids shoes even much more expensive than his shoes. What to do, also bought already, can return back ah?

This is what you called 'Super Kiasumom'. Bought one size bigger, end up she got to wear Ee-Thern's shoe.

She is so happy with her new shoe.

This morning she woke up, very happy and as usual she said she wanted to go to school. Changed her into the uniform, get her school bag and happily singing in the car when both me and Dearie Suki send her to the kindie.

Then my poor Ee-Thern boy, cried and refused to get down at the babysitter house and kept asking for 'Cheh Cheh'. In the car I was telling Dearie Suki, looking at her pattern, I think she should be OK and won't cry. Reach the kindie, send her down, bring her to her class and I quietly sneak out from the room.

Wah seh, once she didn't see me, she cried like hell and I even can hear her voice from the ground floor. Really heart breaking to hear her crying and as though someone has torture her. I went up again and she stopped crying and once I leave the room she started again. Dearie Suki started to nagged me and asked me don't bother her so much. Just close one eye and go.

Stayed with her for an hour and I received a phone call from my 'STP'. This one I really 'beh tahan'. I tell myself not to blog about it, but I must blog it. I was actually on EL today cos I scared my Dearie Suki cannot managed alone. She called and questioned me, why I am on EL as I have to amend the price list to give it to my sales reps today. I answered her that my girl refused to go to school and I need to be here with her. And I told her I will amend the price list and emailed to the office later in the afternoon. At that time, my Le-Ann, kept crying and it is quite annoying when someone called up to make a fuss on some small matter. My fire really burning and I told her off, can't I do it later and what is the problem now! Supposed to take 1/2 day EL and ended up take 1 day EL cos I really pissed off.

Ended up, I myself also cried along with my Le-Ann. Alamak... so malu. Maybe I should learn to let go and let her be independent. Tomorrow, I will be back to work, and she will alone in kindie. In the afternoon, I have arranged her a transport to send her back to the babysitter's house. My biggest worry now, whether will she go up the car or not.

Poor little girl, cry till vomit in the class and even when reached babysitter's house also still crying and her mommy, me... still crying at home thinking of what her 'SOT' said to her.


Anonymous said...

is she afraid of her teacher or peers? try to get her to tell you. if the problem is because teacher threaten her or peer bully her then maybe you have to look into it.

If is just because she is new and can't adjust, then you really need to be like what you hubby said, close 1 eye and go, that helps the teacher too because most of them will stop crying after seeing that noone come to "rescue", especially after a few days. But of course, if this because of the earlier reason, then you know what to do hor...

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, hope you are feeling better. The 1st week of going to school for kids is always like that. You can see some parents stay in school with their children for weeks. It will get better for Le-anne once she find some friends there. Your STP is really heartless for saying that. Of course family come first. Don't mind her stupidity.

Gen said...

Aiyoh, I read already also cry. I dun have kids of my own yet but when I saw my niece cried in playschool, my heart 'sng sng', I also wanted to cry so I told the maid we should just let go and leave. Bo pian, that is part and parcel of life. :o)

JO-N said...

DOn't worry too much. It's normal that children cry when their parents leave. They will eventually be fine after a few days or a few weeks, depending on the child.

Sweetiepie said...

i send my younger daughter to a kindie in back home just for a month.before she went there she was very excited but after reached there she started to cry and refuse to go there the 2nd day!alamak..i think your daughter is the same as's normak i kids will look for each other if they are not together too.regarding your stp just ignore her.i think she is too rely on you.don't give her a damn.

Dancing Queen said...

Maybe you should just let your dearie suki take her to school. Last time my #1 even worse. Both she & the mei mei started at the same time. Ended up she was crying & had to go to her mei mei's class. Keeping her mei mei company konon!

Anyway, after a few days, they will get used to it.

You know, your STP really reminds me of my STP last time. Sama mia perangai. What to do, some ppl don't place priority on the family. Nvm, they will regret later for trying to make so much money until their kids are neglected.

Suesue, you're doing the right thing. Just don't let that woman bother you so much.


meatball online said...

sigh... i hate it when people like ur STP asked me "what's ur priority?" sounds like threatening.. of cos we know what's our priority... i.e. Family always 1st. So inconsiderate of her!

hope u r feeling better!

zooropa said...

1st thing 1st, I think u must let ur darling girl independent.

Re ur job, I think u encountered something very similar 2me last time but I resigned fast coz I know I can't work wth such kind of CRAZY WOMAN. She tot she is d smartest & everthing not doing in her way (alth trivial matters) she scolded me. She really diagnosed wth MAD COW DISEASE! If I were u, I'll quit the bloody job!


Tot's Mom said...

Hope everything will be fine soon. It's always hard when our kids are feeling distressed. We too end up feeling the same!

jane said...

don't be sad over ur STP, sue, not worth it. what an arsehole! i'm sure le-ann will be used to school once she found her gang! i notice that she is pretty photogenic ;)

jenjen said...

I think today is universal SOT BOSS day. hahaha.. I was also so kek tiok by my boss that I cant help but release tension in my blog! I got this feeling my boss will be your boss good fren if they ever meet! Same attitude & duno her priorities! Of course family always come first!hhmppf!

By the way, all the best for your gal gal n u ^_^

Dav DiDi said...

She is cute ....

Rose said...

Poor gal and mum!!! Must be bad day for both of you!

And a very unreasonable and insensitive boss u have there! Really ****!

Wen said...

give her time la, only 3 yrs old. eh, so how was ur day with STP today? got fighting like cats and dogs are? hi hihihi... kidding..

InspiredMumof2 said...

I hope you are feeling better today. Relax, stay cool and be happy.

Your kids' shoes are nice. I got my kids shoes from Thai (just some designs from Bata not avail in SG), so both very happy to wear new shoes, school bag to school.

Sue Sue said...

I don't think so she afraid of her teachers and peers leh. She very manja one, a bit a bit cry. Really no eye see.

Today is the second day of school and my Dearie Suki drop her down and cabut. Both of us no eye see la. Let her cry and be independent.

About that sot lady, I really cannot tahan her.Really stupid I feel she very insensitive, maybe hor when she talk it didnt filter through her head leh.

Really boh pian hor. My sis also taruk me, this is part and parcel of life, if I everytime with her how is she going to be independent.

I hope so but once I see her cry, ah I tak boleh tahan liao.

I think my kids and yours are similar leh.My STP, today I also dont want to talk to her leh. Chi sin one.

Dancing queen,
Aiyor today my Dearie Suki send her to school and leave her there and cabut. He said better he bring her rather than me.

Aiyor yes ah, ur ex boss also so sot like mine ah. I really dun understand this type of woman. I think she is a useless mother la.

U r lucky u haven't meet such a sot woman. If you come across one, u really can't stand the way she talk.

Yes lor today I let her be independent. No eye see la.
That Crazy Woman... I also looking for job d after I get the bonus. Cannot stand such an attitude ppl.

Tot's Mom,
Ya , u r right. Sometimes we also feel the same as them. And at times I really dont know how to handle her always glue to me.

I am not sad u know but hor I got so upset when she say bout which is my priorities. If I EL because of my kids hospitalized, I will definately taruk her kau kau over the phone d.

Jen Jen,
Yes lor I think all bosses are super SOT. I also dun understand them, what one earth is their brand thinking.

Dav didi,
Thanks for visiting.

The Sot woman is really insensitive. No other words to describe her.

She 4 yrs old la. Today, I didnt bother her. Some more 'kar kar' buddy buddy with me. Beh tahan her. I just ignore her and not talking much to her. Fai See la.

Hey, welcome back. So how is ur trip?
My girl also, got new shoes is real happy.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I hope you're feeling better today. Hopefully things will be better today, cheer up :)

InspiredMumof2 said...

The trip was fun, thanks.

Big Boys Oven said...

Hope everything is ok! Of course family come first.
I think there is always this people who wants to play God! I am sure this people is lonely and heartless! So why worry!

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